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    @isabellemarie : Thanks I didnt know it is consider a hipster name .Interesting information .
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    I also agree it's not "old-ladyish" at all. It's very retro-chic, in my opinion. "Hipster" was also a good description. I absolutely love the name Hazel. It's spunky yet sweet. My former neighbor has a girl who is about 12 named Hazel. She is beautiful with long brown hair, bright blue eyes and is a combination of tomboy and girly girl. She is also a sweetheart and was the "big sister" of all the little kids in the neighborhood.
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    Well, it is old ladyish because it was very popular a century ago. But there are many names from then that are still being used or are gaining popularity. Hazel is one of those. I am not fond of the name and if I were to choose a color baby name, I am liking the name Violet more than hazel. A child can pull off either of the names though.

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    While there are plenty of old ladies who answer to the name, I find it spunky and energetic. Obviously, lots of other Americans do too, based on it's massive leaps in popularity since Julia Roberts used it. I'd probably avoid it if I lived in a particularly hip neighborhood, if you don't want your kid to be one of several she knows.
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    It's a hipster favorite in the US. Even though I've never met a Hazel, it doesn't strike me as geriatric. I suspect the upcoming film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars will help cement it as a "young" name.

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