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    The best & worst baby names you have heard called out in the doctors surgery?

    What are the best & worst names that you have heard called out in a waiting room or doctors office? (ok worst is a bit harsh but have you ever heard a name & thought oh bless that poor child, did they think that through?)
    Yeaterday while waiting for my appointment two sweet little kids & their mum came in one called Jack & the baby, Evie.
    When the buzzer went the notice board read Master Jack Inkpen. Narurally I thought it made him sound rather more cool than the tonne of other Jacks around. How cool? It must be on his birth certificate.
    The second name & rather questionable one again heard in the doctors was Fayleigh-Jayne.
    Obviously made up, a substitute for Haley that sounds to me too much like the word failure. Or am I being too picky?

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    Alberta, Canada
    I actually haven't heard any names at the doctors office that I thought were bad. The ones I've heard and really liked, a baby girl Torrin, she had a sister but I don't think I heard her name. Sisters Olive and Hattie. 3ish yr old boy Thor and another time a 1ish yr old boy Morris.

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    A baby girl named Sade was the most surprising. Nothing bad, but plenty of boring.

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    Mostly boring, "tryndee" sounding names. I heard a Makennalynn (not sure on spelling) once.

    Best would be Zeus and Hermia (bro and sis)
    Mommy of Juniper Teagan & Pyrus Nikolai

    Catkin Shika, Celandine Ferelith, Nettle Chiyo, Pennyroyal Matilda, Dandelion Jane
    Fox Atticus, Huckleberry Ivan, Senna Lazarus, Bramble Gideon, Thistle Dorian

    Crushes: Tearose, Fianna, Fiadh, Henbit, Fenella, Heliotrope, Chihiro, Zenebe
    Aryeh, Angus, Jules, Bear, Itsuki, Larkspur, Blue, Robin, Aoi

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    Not at the doctors but at the store I heard someone calling their little boy 'Chardonnay'. Yes, as in the wine...

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