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    Perry: Boy or Girl?

    When you hear Perry; is your instinct that it is a boy or girl name?
    Please share opinions and same you think are similar to Perry. Thanks!

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    My first thought was Matthew Perry, but then I thought of The Band Perry and now I think when I hear Perry, I'd picture the frontwoman for that band. I'm going to say that Perry as a first name makes me think girl...unless it were short for Peregrin ;-)

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    Perry is all boy.
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    It depends on the spelling of the name but I do prefer it on a boy.

    Perry - Boy
    Peri/Perri/Perrie - Girl
    All the best,

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    I agree with Mischa. If I see Perry, I automatically think male, and honestly I think of someone middle-aged or older. Peri, however, is usually a girl, though often short for a longer name. My grandma is called Peri, though her real name is Pearl.

    As for names similar to Perry, there's the whole gamut of rhyming names: Barry, Carrie, Gerry, Harry, Larry, Mary, Sherry.

    If you want longer forms: Peregrine, Perela/Perele or Perla, Peridot, Persephone nn Peri or Persy, Persis
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