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Thread: Piper vs Liza

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    Piper vs Liza

    Hi, ladies!

    My husband and I have narrowed down the girl name options for #3 to Piper and Liza.

    We love Piper, but our last name is Powell. Too much or kind of fun?

    Liza is our second choice, and I love it! I just need help!

    Our other kids are Emmalyn Faith and Andrew Armstrong.

    We have a family name for middle. It goes with either choice!

    Thanks in advance!

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    I really dislike both-no offense, probably b/c Piper and Liza are not my style. I like the name Emmalyn Faith -very pretty and Andrew Armstrong is so handsome.
    I think Libby would go well with Andrew and Emmalyn.
    Other thoughts-Melanie, Melody, or even Harmony I think may go better with Andrew and Emmalyn.
    Also-instead of Piper or Liza, maybe you'd like Josephina, Elisabeth, or Meredith.

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    Piper isn't my style, but I think that Piper Powell is adorable - alliterative names always sound like story book characters to me. I like Liza, but I would do Eliza and use Liza as a nickname.

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    Piper Powell sounds cartoonish so I think it's too much. Some letters work for alliteration but you have to be very careful with the letter P. You don't want her initials to be PP either. I think Liza goes better with Emmalyn and Andrew anyway. If you don't mind the two girls sharing an initial perhaps Eliza would be an option. There is also a Hebrew name Aliza but that's pronounced "lee" in the second syllable and not "lie" like Liza.
    All the best,

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    I like Liza! Liza Powell sounds really good together! I can see the name on a child and an adult. What do you think of the name Lisa though?
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