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    Please i need help. With the se names

    Im very close to my convertion And i choose 2 name es but i want suggestion because i dont know if Yehudis Rachel sound sido or Rachel Yehudis.can son one help?

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    I mean to say. If it sound good .

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    I prefer Rachel as the first name. It is easier to pronounce and Rachel is my middle name so I am biased but overall I think it is a better choice X
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    I think for the sake of ease to pronounce and spell the name, Rachel Yehudis would be my choice. I do like the flow of Yehudis Rachel better. If I'm not mistaken, Judith is a diminutive of Yehudis, yes? Have you considered Judith Rachel?
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    I'd go with Rachel Yehudis or Judith Rachel.

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