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Thread: Can't decide

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    Can't decide

    I am really loving Isadora and Isis at the moment but cannot choose.

    What do you think? Any middle name ideas? and nicknames? I really don't like "dora" or "issy" that much for Isadora

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    This is a question dear to my heart and I'll be watching the thead.

    I love the concept of Isis but it's got a lot of baggage. My husband said he finds it jarring to consider on a daughter as pale and Irish-last-named as any daughter of his is likely to be, too.

    I prefer the more Isis-y spelling Isidora to Isadora, which reminds me more of Isabella, which I don't like *nearly* as much. Dora is not a plus, but Isidora does have a certain low-key vintage quality that Isis doesn't? I can picture more vintage names I like going with Isidora than with Isis.

    Isidra is maybe my favourite, but the most obscure of all three. It's a Spanish variant of Isidora.

    I would use Izzy for short, but I know not everyone likes Izzy. I find it fairy spunky. Issy looks lispier to me, and I dislike Dora very much.

    I like:
    Isis Liora
    Isis Jessamine
    Isis Rafaela
    Isis Margaux

    Isidora Mae
    Isidora Wren
    Isidora Vrai

    But want to gather more suggestions myself!

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    Isis comes across as very cold to me. I much prefer Isla and Iris to Isis.

    I do like Isadora but do think issy, Dora, or Dorie would be natural nicknames that would be hard to avoid.
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    I loved the response from stripedsocks--Isidra is so unique! If you don't like Issy or Dora, could Sidra be a nn you like for Isadora? it's maybe a couple of degrees removed--translate the name to Spanish, then take the nickname from the Spanish variant... but it's so full-flavored! It's similar to Sandra so it isn't completely unfamiliar but there's this exotic twist...

    I love Isis as well but I see what paw meant when she said it sounded a bit cold. I also can really only see it on someone with a darker complexion--the Egyptian connotation is just SO strong. I would buy Isis as a nickname for Isadora if that suits you.

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    Isis is cute, but I really love Isadora.

    I don't care much for Dora either, but I think Sadie could work as a nickname.
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