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    Honestly, this is ridiculous. I seriously doubt anyone is going side-eye your child over a name his parents chose. Unless they think it is weird because it isn't a top 10 name.
    It's obviously up there with calling your child Tsar, Emperor or God and there is a possibility of people side-eyeing the child and not the parents. It's the child who has got to live with it, it is him who may face problems in the future because of it. By no means am I judging people who give their children unusual names, they merely brighten up among a lot of Top 10 names, but giving your child a name that has so much controversy attached to it - just because you like the name - is just being ignorant and selfish. I'm not saying it's a given that a Cohen will get side-eyed, but I'm saying that it is a possibility and that alone should make people leave it be.
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