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    I really like it. It's kind of cool and mysterious in my mind. Tho it does make me think of Vespa scooters.

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    I like it quite a bit. I think of evening Vespers (evening prayers).
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    I honestly think of vector when I hear it, which reminds me of infectious disease. I just can't get past that association unfortunately.

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    I think of Vespa scooters, haha.

    I am not personally a fan of the name, but I don't think it is terrible by any means. I would classify it as weird, but not too weird.

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    I love it. It's a strong yet feminine name with great meaning, and so unique. I also happen to love Vespera (which can be said ves-pur-uh and ves-pehr-uh). The great thing about the Bond movie is that it brought an otherwise obscure name to light for many people, so it shouldn't be viewed as "weird." (please vote!)

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