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    I've always said and preferred Nay-deen, but have recently met a little girl pronounced nuh-DEEN.
    I guess you can pick, btw I'm in Aus, so I think it sounds fine anywhere
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    I would pronounce it nay-deen. The Acadians (French-Canadians) pronounce it nah-din. It is fine but seems dated to me.
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    I have an aunt Nadine. She passed away a few years ago, and my mom has been trying to get me to use the name. I do not like it. I feel like it's dated, and I just don't like the sound. She pronounced it nay-DEEN.

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    I've always heard Nadine pronounced nay-deen, too (and I'm Cajun!) I'm on the fence about it--it's pretty but a little shallow-sounding. I slightly prefer Ondine.
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    I've only ever heard it Nah-DEEN, I had no idea there where other pronunciations. I agree that it sounds slightly shallow, but it is still pretty and completely usable.
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