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    Yael - From your list I adore Amaryllis, Athena, Daphne, and Delilah. The only problem with Delilah is the story in the Bible. I just wanted to add that I love your children's names! They fit so well together!

    Merrybells - You've listed so many of my favorites, and thank you for the compliment, it's always nice to hear my ideas aren't 'crazy' I find Beatrice, Margaret, Eve, Rose, James, Edward (Though now worried about the sparkling vampire) Philip, Leo, Christopher & Henry all so beautiful. Most of those are popular on charts, but where I live they're so underused and rare!
    Possible Names:

    Liam Ezra Aoife Roisin Fionn Mordecai Clara Rosemary Leo Benedict Eloise Clodagh

    Lysander * Hyperion * Oliver * Roderick * Seamus * Niall * Edmund * Draco * Tadhg
    Lilyanna * Lux * Saoirse * Helena * Emma * Luna * Ellie * Ava * Arurora

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