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View Poll Results: Which is your favorite of my Combos?

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  • Spencer Ellis

    8 15.69%
  • Sawyer Cameron

    1 1.96%
  • Rhys Hamilton

    13 25.49%
  • Benjamin Graham

    19 37.25%
  • Grayson Reid

    10 19.61%
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    Which is the best?

    Please vote for your favorite and give your opinion if you like

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    Spencer gmv, but they're all nice!

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    I voted for Benjamin Graham. It's great that you're going with varying syllables and initials. How many syllables are in the surname and what's its first initial?
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    I like Spencer and Grayson the best. I like Grayson Reid better as a combo, but I am leaning more toward Spencer Ellis, personally. It's a lovely combo (although I'd love to see Spencer Elijah, Spencer Elliot, or even Spencer Gray! I love Spencer Reid, but... well. I wouldn't go there, especially since Criminal Minds is still producing new episodes and airs on several different channels still).

    Good luck!
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    I voted for Rhys Hamilton. It's very distinguished. I also like Benjamin Graham.

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