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  • Seamus Maybick

    32 36.36%
  • Ewan Maybick

    31 35.23%
  • Colin Maybick

    25 28.41%
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    Celtic Names Poll


    DH and I are bouncing around a few names, and these three keep rising to the top. Our son is due 12.31.13, and I'd really love to have a name picked out soon!

    We both favor Seamus, but I'm kind of scared about negative feedback and pronunciation issues.

    FYI - our last name (kind of) sounds like Maybick.

    Thanks for your vote/comments!

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    I love Colin! I couldn't see myself using it, but for someone else it's just lovely. I do like Seamus, but I would be worried about the pronunciation issues because most likely people won't know that it is pronounced Shay -mus not Sea-mus. Hamish another name that has that problem.

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    I love Seamus! Yes, you are going to have to help some people with pronunciation, but it is a name that could well be worth the trouble. I also think it is going to pick steam soon (but not rise to stunning popularity), so I think you might regret not using it when other do so successfully. I think it will take over when Sean left off, and surprising though it may seem, I have met Seans who said they had to help people through spelling/pronunciation issues.

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    I voted for Colin, but seamus was a close second. I think if you're really worried about pronunciation I'd go with Colin. It's a really handsome name. I think you'd have more people familiar with seamus than Ewan. I've come across Ewan many times and STILL have to remind myself 'you-in' not 'eww-an/eee-wahn'

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    1 Ewan - A rare Celtic gem
    2 Colin - distinguished
    3 Seamus - I don't like the back-to-back "Shay-May" sounds
    All the best,

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