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    I've always preferred Catherine spelled with a "C".

    I went to school with several Catherine's/Katherine's. One went by the nn Cate the other went by the nn Kat pronounced Cat.
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    I much prefer Catherine with a C. It's how my middle name is spelt (after my great-granny) and I'm not a fan of K-names as a rule. However I would still spelt it Catherine nn Kate/Katie/Kitty/Kit(t). My great-granny actually went by Kathleen quite often.
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    I love Catherine nn Cate. But in combos I have a hard time using Cate. For example I love the combo Annabel Catherine Snow & I love Anna Kate as a nickname, but I'm not in love with Anna Cate, it looks off/weird.
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    I'm a Catherine and it's very annoying to have such a common name (in my 70's generation) that still has to be constantly spelt out for people.

    On the plus side Catherine seems the most popular choice and has the lovely Wuthering Heights connection. The downside is the insipid Cathy.
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    Katherine. I have a rather irrational dislike for the letter C and absolutely despise Cate. To me that's just giving them a name and a nickname no one will ever spell right.

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