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    I like Katherine much better because nicknames like Kate and Kitty feel like they look better with a K to me. And I think it's weird to switch letters like that with a nickname.
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    Cate seems to be unpopular here...but I love it! Catherine with a C just looks so much nicer!
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    I like Catherine nn Cate. Cate with a C seems special. But I think Catherine nn Kate is totally fine, too! I get not wanting to change that first letter, but it's actually more traditional to do so, isn't it? Katharine is my favorite K spelling of the name, despite spelling my own name differently.
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    Catherine with a C by far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    My question is: Why do you hate Catherine that goes by Kate? I prefer the French spelling of Catherine (it's my sister's name). It doesn't matter how Cate/Kate is spelled to me.
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