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    Maya Rudolph's 4th child

    Does anyone know when Maya Rudolph's baby is due? Or did she already have the baby??

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    I believe she already had the baby in the summer but I haven't heard the gender or name. I like her naming style. Pearl, Lucille and Jack are lovely together so I'm interested to hear what she's named this baby.
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    I was anxious to hear the gender and name, too, mischa! I prefer her style for girls as Jack isn't my style (it might even be Jackson?). I checked on the comprehensive celebrity list but didn't see her there either. hmm, maybe I'll check version 1 of the comprehensive list in case the baby was born in May/June timeframe.

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    I met Maya Rudolph briefly last spring and she was hugely pregnant and seemed exhausted, so I'm guessing she had the baby over the summer. I'm curious about the name, too!
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    I'm curious about the name also! She had a lovely old fashioned naming style I'll sure it'd be charming.
    Her first daughter has her mother names in the middle so maybe another family name:

    I could see her using Clementine or Beatrice.

    Could I have your thoughts in this thread? I'll return the favor.

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