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    Wink Middle name for Sylvia?

    Hello! We are pregnant with our fourth (!!!), and should we be blessed with a daughter, we have chosen "Sylvia." We love it for its sound and its meaning. However, we are stuck on finding a great middle name. We are hoping to find one that has either another "nature" vibe to it or a reference to a literary character (I teach college lit and writing). We prefer classic or vintage names to modern ones (just our preference). She will have a Swedish last name that begins with "L" and has three syllables. Any ideas? So far, we have Sylvia Fae.

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    Sylvia is one of my favorites! How about:

    Sylvie Mae
    Sylvia Jane
    Sylvia Ann
    Sylvia Catherine
    Sylvia Alice

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    Those are all great!

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    I am a fan of Sylvia Beatrice, but my husband vetoed it.

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    Lovely name, Sylvia!

    Sylvia Lucille
    Sylvia Autumn (Nature)
    Sylvia Rose (Nature)
    Sylvia Evelyn (Vintage)
    Sylvia Cosette (Not Modern)
    Sylvia Elliot
    Sylvia Astrid (Nature)
    Sylvia Jane (Vintage)
    Sylvia Claire (Vintage)

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