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    Sylvie and Reverie?

    I am pregnant with my third child and the due date is in just two weeks now! DH and I are waiting to find out the gender, but if it is a girl, her name will be Sylvie Beatrice. I've been poking around at other names lately for possible future children, and I came across Reverie. DH and I are simply enamoured with it and would love to use it for a second daughter someday. However, I'm worried that Sylvie and Reverie might sound a bit too similar as they both contain Vs and -ie endings. Do you think it would be a problem, or are Sylvie and Reverie usable for sisters? I'd love to hear your opinions on the two names as well. Thank you berries!
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    It would be too matchy for me. I also looooove Sylvie Beatrice and am not a big fan of Reverie, but I guess if you really love it you could try to come up with something with a similar feel to Sylvie but without the -vie? However my vote would be to keep Reverie as a guilty pleasure.

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    Thanks to Claude Debussy, I'm in love with Reverie. I do like Sylvie too, but Reverie is so rare, elegant and beautiful. Sylvie is a safer choice (and cuter) though.

    Sylvie and Reverie as sisters? Not a fan, sorry.
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    They're too matchy for me...
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    Too matchy for sisters, I think. Imagine calling one of their names in the house or outside...from a distance they might not be sure which one of them was called. But I LOVE Sylvie Beatrice.
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