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    1 week old and nameless! Eve, Mae, Fleur or Sivan?

    Our little girl arrived a week ago today and we can't decide on a name.

    Fleur: My husband is set on this one and its a name I originally suggested but now I worry that it might be too cutesy or be problematic for people to pronounce.

    Eve: We both LOVE the name Eve but are considering holding onto it for our second child (Yves for a boy, which we prefer or Eve for a girl).

    Mae: We also love Mae but our last name has the 'ae' sound in the middle of 3 syllables and we worry it is too rhyme-y.

    Sivan: We prefer the name pronounced 'SIH-vahn' but it is supposed to be 'SEE-vahn'. Might be problematic for her later?

    Any thoughts on these names? We think all the names are timeless and won't be associated with 2013 when she is older.

    Thoughts on middle names as well? It seems a bit tougher to come up with a middle name that flows with a one syllable first name.

    A few we are playing with are:

    Fleur Olivia
    Fleur Rosalie
    Fleur Sylvia
    Eve Rosalie
    Eve Canelle

    Thank you for any advice! We want to get this sorted soon!

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    I love Fleur for you!
    Fleur Sylvia is cute and I like Evelyn Fleur or Ever Fleur (or Fleur Ever). Keep us updated!X
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    Eve Rosalie is stunning!

    I agree that Fleur is rather frilly and can be hard to pronounce, I think it makes a better mn.

    Sivan is far less recognizable than your other options, and if you're also wanting to change the standard pronunciation I'd steer clear of it as a first.
    Fleur Sivan is lovely though.

    Mae is very nice, sometimes a tad bit of rhyminess with the surname can be very pleasant (Calvin Klein, Anne HAthaway, Mickey Rooney, etc.) It depends on how strong it is.
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    I love Fleur Rosalie, and if you guys love it you should use it!

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