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    Pronunciation of Everett

    This name has been on and off my radar for awhile now, and I just got thinking that this name could easily be said with two or three syllables. So I'm wondering how everyone here says it? Curious if I named a son Everett if he'd always have to correct people! Also, what are your overall thoughts on the name? Opinions on the nickname Rett? Thanks!

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    It's not quite one or the other. So 2.5? But I think technically 3.

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    I agree, I think it's technically 3, but most will run the first 2 together making it sound more like 2. Ev-uh-rhett becoming Evh-rhett
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    I say it with two syllables, and so do the Everetts I know. I'm in the South, if that matters.

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    I say it with two syllables, as well. MAYBE almost two and a half, but it's not even that pronounced. I wouldn't have a cow if people said ev-er-ett, but that just seems like too much effort, like my mouth is trying to add an extra syllable to it. I feel the same way with Charles being pronounced CHAH-ruhls. It's Charles. One syllable. Maybe one and a half. And Graham. No matter how much I love everything British, I can't get my tongue to say GRAY-um. It's Gram.
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