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    Oh, I like Wayland too. The only reason I know about Wayland Smith and Herne the Huntsman is that I've read Susan Cooper's "The Dark is Rising" sequence, which does a superb job of making me feel at least slightly acquainted with all kinds of weird, haunting old British legends.
    Funnily, I like the imagery of Wayland better with Theoden and the sound of Wayland better with Romulus. With Theoden, it's quite repetitive, but done right repetition can be a lovely thing. You've got some great Theoden combos. How about:

    Romulus Wayland Herne (why not stick them both in there?)
    Romulus Peter Wayland
    Romulus Antony Wayland
    Romulus Wayland Thor (three mythologies for the price of one!)
    Romulus Wayland Hugh
    Romulus Wayland Winterson (recalls the scene where Will Stanton meets the smith in the snowy forest of Old England)

    Best wishes! I love finding new gems, or experiencing those moments where you see an old name with new eyes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post
    I know I'm not having a boy this time, but I'm too excited about this not to share!!! And husband wasn't nearly as excited about this as I expected, so I need someone else to be, and that's where all of you come in!

    I took Roo to the bookshop this morning because I needed new books, as we all do, and I wanted to get Bernard Cornwell's new The Pagan Lord (okay, not a part of the story). When I'm in a bookshop I always drift into the children's section to see if they've got some particularly beautiful books there, I'm very fond of the fairytale display. And while I was looking all the sudden I see, staring at me, a book bearing the name Wayland.
    Some of you know my fascination by this, Wayland is the great smith in English folklore. The book is so beautiful, it's got feathers and flames on the cover and the most beautiful illustrations inside to accompany such a haunting poem. So I bought the book.

    Now, after you've gotten all excited for me, I need combos! I was thinking of putting him with Theoden or Romulus. These are the ones I've made myself:

    Theoden Wayland Sigurd
    Theoden Osiris Wayland

    Romulus Wayland Rohirrim

    Middle inspiration can be found HERE
    Like both Theoden Wayland Sigurd and Theoden Osiris Wayland
    click on the link to access my big combo list:
    Big combo list

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    Completely forgot about this one! Thanks Aurora and Sorcie!

    Aurora; I do love Romulus Wayland Thor! It's really cool and sexy. And Romulus Wayland Winterson, you're right, it absolutely reminds me of that scene. I haven't read those books in such a long time, but now I know what I'm going to start reading again tonight... Thank you!!!!
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