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    I love Asher, Liam (yes it's mega popular but I love it) would you consider William nn Liam? I also lo love Luka and I don't believe it is too popular.
    From your girl's I like Vivien and Charlotte. I love Mia but more as a nn than a given name.
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    Liam is my favorite of your boy names.

    From the girls' I love Vivian, Charlotte, Sadie & Anya!
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    My favorites are Asher and Charlotte. I would like Luca but Luka just looks wrong to me. From your girls list I also like Vivien and Hadley. Kieran sounds very girly to me. There is nothing wrong with picking a popular name.
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    Boy names:
    I love Silas & Callum! Asher is nice, too. Kieran is ok, as is Luka. Liam has always seemed incomplete to me, but it is a nice nickname for William.

    Girl names:
    I love Hadley and Charlotte. I like Anya, Annika, Sadie, and Holly as well. Mika, Baylor, and Vivien are ok. I don't like Mia or Taelyn.
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    Asher - Along the lines of some other very trendy names, it just doesn't feel special to me.
    Kieran - I thought more of Tiernan than Karen, but either way, I'm not in love.
    Liam - Popular, yes, but for good reason. I love this one.
    Silas - One of those old-man names that is made of awesome. I'd love to see this used, and adore Silas Luka as a combo.
    Luka - Prefer Luca spelling, and would be considered about its proximity to the name Lucas. Perhaps a middle name?
    Callum - Nice. Makes me think of classy British boys.

    Anya - I think of Anya in the Anastasia movie. Spunky and Russian.
    Vivien - Yes, Vivien Leigh and all that, but Vivien's just so overused.
    Annika - Astrid Lindgren names are my weakness.
    Charlotte - Meh. Has the word "harlot" in it.
    Mia - Bland. Vaguely nickname-y.
    Hadley - Boring. Preppy.
    Mika - Yes, yes, yes! I might be only a bit biased considering that, as a writer, I had a main character Mika.
    Sadie - Pretty, but also feels like a nickname. It's also always reminded me of someone who has a lot of cats for some reason.
    Taelyn - A trendy reinvention of Taylor and the ever-popular -lyn names (Ashlyn, etc.).
    Baylor - Weird combo of Bayley and Sailor.
    Holly - Cute, but not as interesting as some others here.
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