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    Dex is a nickname for???

    Decimus? Dexter? Declan?

    The husband and I love the nickname Dex...(or at least think we do this week...)
    Does it work with all of the above? Which would be best?
    We arr leaning towards Decimus or Declan...
    Other names you can you Dex with?

    (We also thought of using Alexander as a middle name...and then using a name that began with D as a first....since Alexander is a family name anyway... would that work? (You can get Lex from Alexander...and say we used David Alexander "Dex"?)
    Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments?

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    It works with Dexter and Declan, but I've only heard Decimus pronounced with a soft C, so it doesn't apply.

    Dex could be short for Derek.

    Your middle name idea works.
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    I like the idea of David Alexander nn Dex.

    Some other names that might work....

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    I think it works for Dexter, Declan, and D___ Alexander. Dex is a cool nickname!
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    I think all of your Dex- or Dec- suggestions work.
    But my favorite by far is David Alexander. I think it is a classic and very handsome name.

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