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    Please judge me! Girl combos.

    Same as my boys list, these are my top girls combinations. Please let me know what you think! Some of these I'm not married to. If you can think of better middle name suggestions please let me know because I think we can do better! Thank you lovelies.

    Audrey Florence
    Blythe Charlotte
    Clara Elizabeth
    Daphne Louisa
    Harriet Josephine
    Mabel Rosalind
    Margot Beatrice
    Mattea Francesca
    Miranda Clementine
    Saffron Margaret
    Susannah Blythe
    Sylvia Valentine
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    Miranda Clementine is very sweet, and I adore the name Saffron! I might pair it w/Elizabeth or Rosalind.

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    Audrey Florence- I'd prefer Florence as a first name, as I like it so much more than Audrey! But it's still a sweet combo.
    Blythe Charlotte- I'd also like this switched around.
    Clara Elizabeth- So prettyt!
    Daphne Louisa- Another one I'd like better switched around (Louisa Daphne has so much spunk!)
    Harriet Josephine- This is alright.They don't really clock together.
    Mabel Rosalind- LOVE.
    Margot Beatrice- Prefer Margot Beatrix. Still, really like.
    Mattea Francesca- Probably my least favorite combo. Mattea doesn't sit right with me.
    Miranda Clementine- ALso don't like, but that's because of the connotations I have with Miranda.
    Saffron Margaret- Dislike.
    Susannah Blythe- Pretty! Much better Blythe combo.
    Sylvia Valentine- Love this!

    I like your style a lot- I think I would switch around a few of your combos, that's all.

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    Audrey Florence - Florence Audrey is ethereal. Audrey's just so popular as of late, and Florence gives me a dainty, elegant vibe.
    Blythe Charlotte - I dislike Blythe's sound, and Charlotte just sounds like harlot to me.
    Clara Elizabeth - Meh.
    Daphne Louisa - Daphne doesn't go with Louisa. Daphne Clare? Daphne Florence?
    Harriet Josephine - Both are a little stuffy. Not really my style, but a good strong combo.
    Mabel Rosalind - Stunning.
    Margot Beatrice - Also lovely. Beatrice Margot is as well.
    Mattea Francesca - Bit of a mouthful. I like Tea (can't do an accent aigu on my current device) on its own, though.
    Miranda Clementine - Cute.
    Saffron Margaret - Funky. In a good way.
    Susannah Blythe - An old, distinguished Southern lady from the Civil War who wears lace dresses and carries a parasol.
    Sylvia Valentine - I really dislike both of these.
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