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    Smile It's a boy!!! Now what do we name him?!

    Found out we are having a boy in early February. Hubby and I want a preppy name that is 3+ syllables with good nickname possibilities. Last name is very short: Cruise, which can seem choppy at times.

    A couple names we are considering but not sold 100%:

    Calloway Cruise "Cal"
    Callahan Cruise "Cal"
    Theodore Cruise "Theo"

    Open to other ideas as well, they just need to follow the same guidelines of 3+ syllables and Ivy league sounding.

    Thanks Nameberries

    Oh, middle name will be John... or John + a second middle with strong family meaning. We are worried about flow issues.
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    I love a preppy name. Both Cal options are very nice.
    I like Hal too - Hamilton?

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    Theodore Cruise is such a handsome name, I've always loved Theo.
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    They're all lovely. But Calloway Cruise sounds brilliant, like a hero in a film noir and I do adore Cal, so that one may be my favourite

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    I also like Calloway Cruise, but if you're worried about Cruise sounding choppy, is Cal Cruise too short for you? I think it's pretty suave myself.

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