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    Make My Heart Flutter, Show Me the Shiny Ones!

    And the quest continues...

    Baby Bunny will be here in four-ish months and she'll need a name! We've reset our naming criteria, our only rules are now a) it shouldn't start with an A, a G or an O; and b) we should love the name to the stars and back. I read through a lot of my old threads and these have consistently been among my favourites. Some of you've commented on these before... I know I'm a drag, but I need help finding the brightest star in the cluster, the loveliest shell in ocean, the shiniest diamond in the cave. I want enchanting, magical faeries dancing in the forest, nymphs hiding between trees, waterspirits lurking beneath the water's surface. Starshine and moonlight and tranquility.

    I know this is a small ocean of names. If you could help me by telling me your favourites, least favourites, which you think sound nicest with big sister A p h r o d i t e, if some name gives you the warm fuzzies (love this, Augusta said this is how her favourite names make her feel and I'm staling it!) or the creepy shudders, or if a name makes you think of something especially lovely, I'd love to hear it.

    If you want to throw in some imagery I won't complain!! I love little (or not so little) name stories, it helps me see clearer

    ***UPDATE*** We made a top seven, can be found on page 16

    Bellicent (BEL-ee-sent)
    Belphoebe (bel-FEE-bee)
    Callisto (kuh-LIS-toe)
    Circe (SUR-see)
    Eimyrja (AY-moor-ya)
    Eurydice (yoo-RI-duh-see)
    Fiammetta (fee-ah-may-tah)
    Hespera (HES-puh-rah)
    Iphigenia (if-i-jen-AY-uh)
    Lorelei (lawr-eh-lei)
    Lysistrata (lih-sih-STRAH-tuh)
    Mardoll/Mardolla (mahr-doll(uh))
    Marzanna (mahr-ZAH-nuh)
    Mellonia (mel-LON-ee-ah)
    Melpomene (mel-PO-muh-nee)
    Melusine (mel-oo-SEEN)
    Morgana (mawr-GAH-nuh)
    Nausicaa (nawz-i-KAY-uh)
    Niniane (nin-i-AH-nuh)
    Pandora (pan-DAW-ruh)
    Polyhymnia (po-lee-HIM-nee-uh)
    Proserpina (pro-suhr-PEE-nuh)
    Tanaquil (tan-AH-kwil)
    Tinuviel (ti-noo-vee-el)
    Titania (ti-TAHN-ee-uh)
    Vanadis (va-nah-deez)
    Villanelle (vil-ah-nell)
    Yvaine (ee-VAYN)

    Husband has not approved of all these names, but he's not rejected any of them entirely. He's usually swayable if some of his trusted berries gives a thumb up, so I'm biding my time...

    If you've got suggestions for us feel free to share! And thanks for reading.
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    With big sis A phro dite, I like:

    Lorelei- this makes me think of a mermaid with wavy blonde hair and pale skin...
    Morgana- always been something magical about this name for me- like a sorceress with dark black hair and piercing blue eyes..
    Titania - think "A Midsummer Night's Dream" queen of the fairies...

    Best of luck!
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    My favourites :

    Bellicent (BEL-ee-sent)
    Belphoebe (bel-FEE-bee)
    Fiammetta (fee-ah-may-tah)
    Pandora (pan-DAW-ruh)
    Tinuviel (ti-noo-vee-el)
    Titania (ti-TAHN-ee-uh)
    Nausicaa (nawz-i-KAY-uh)
    Yvaine (ee-VAYN)

    Neutral :
    Callisto (kuh-LIS-toe)
    Circe (SUR-see)
    Eurydice (yoo-RI-duh-see)
    Lysistrata (lih-sih-STRAH-tuh)
    Proserpina (pro-suhr-PEE-nuh)
    Villanelle (vil-ah-nell)

    least favourites
    Eimyrja (AY-moor-ya)
    Lorelei (lawr-eh-lei): too plain
    Tanaquil (tan-AH-kwil)
    Mardoll/Mardolla (mahr-doll(uh)

    With the others iam indifferent

    Sounds best with A p h r o d i t e :

    Bellicent vs Belphoebe ( I cant decide )

    Some suggestions :

    Blodughadda : too weird ? Norse
    Sri Indian Meaning: “Diffusing light, radiance, beauty.”(shree) This is another name of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.
    Corypha Greek , leader
    Cosma feminime varation of Cosmo means order
    Euphrosyne Greek means joy
    Pasiphae Greek mean wide shining
    Snejana Slavic means snowy (sney-ZHAH-nah)
    Nesace Greek means small island
    Farfalla Italian means Butterfly
    Rhoswen Gaelic Meaning: “White rose.”Pronunciation: (hross-wen)
    Calamint Greek Meaning: “Beautiful mint.”Pronunciation: (KAL-uh-mint
    Peolive : “Descended from stone.” , (peh-oo-LEE-veh)
    Nwyvre ( NOOiv-ruh) welsh , means sky
    Quelle Tolkien means Autumn
    Xanthe means yellow Greek
    Lamya : Arabic Meaning: “Having beautiful dark lips.”Pronunciation: (lahm-YAH)
    Zulema Arabic means Peace
    Zemina Origin: Slavic Meaning: “The one who belongs to the Earth.”Pronunciation: (zeh-MEE-nah The Lithuanian Earth Goddess.
    Susilva Latin means below the forest
    Calluna Greek Meaning: “To beautify and cleanse.”
    Sulwen Welsh means White sun Pronunciation: Wel(SEEL-wen); (SUL-wen)
    Zafrira Hebrew means morning wind
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    I'am eternally, devastatingly romantic, and I thought people would see it because 'romantic' doesnt mean 'sugary.'
    Its dark and tormented - the furor of passion, the despair of an idealism that you can't attain.

    They make me feel sad. What's good about sad? It's happy for deep people. (inspired by gmdx)


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    Bellicent (BEL-ee-sent) - A bell ringing.
    Belphoebe (bel-FEE-bee) - A lone teakettle in an abandoned shack.
    Callisto (kuh-LIS-toe) - I like this one but the -o ending makes it more masculine IMO.
    Circe (SUR-see) - cotton candy
    Eimyrja (AY-moor-ya) - I think the pronunciation could be confusing.
    Eurydice (yoo-RI-duh-see) - Makes me picture an enormous redwood tree looming in twilight.
    Fiammetta (fee-ah-may-tah) - a stream bed covered with fall leaves.
    Hespera (HES-puh-rah)- Makes me think of a garden covered with frost in the early morning. So beautiful!
    Iphigenia (if-i-jen-AY-uh) - I like this one, it sounds very prim and proper.
    Lorelei (lawr-eh-lei) - Taking a walk through a forest filled with birds tweeting.
    Lysistrata (lih-sih-STRAH-tuh) - Like gentle harp music echoing.
    Mardoll/Mardolla (mahr-doll(uh)) - Ancient china dolls resting on a bookshelf.
    Marzanna (mahr-ZAH-nuh) - Snowflakes lightly brushing the still ground.
    Mellonia (mel-LON-ee-ah) - I LOVE this one, even if it reminds me of melon.
    Melpomene (mel-PO-muh-nee) - Sea anemones.
    Melusine (mel-oo-SEEN) - Tidepools filled with colorful starfish clinging to rocks.
    Morgana (mawr-GAH-nuh) - A hidden cave filled with those things that hang from the ceiling
    Nausicaa (nawz-i-KAY-uh) - This is the only one I am not crazy about - it reminds me of nausea
    Niniane (nin-i-AH-nuh)- A rocky beach blanketed by heavy fog, with the waves crashing upon the shore
    Pandora (pan-DAW-ruh) - I like this one!
    Polyhymnia (po-lee-HIM-nee-uh) - I've got the fuzzies with this one!
    Proserpina (pro-suhr-PEE-nuh) - A snake winding through roots and grass of a forest.
    Tanaquil (tan-AH-kwil) - NMS.
    Tinuviel (ti-noo-vee-el) - not my style, but I imagine an eagle gliding.
    Titania (ti-TAHN-ee-uh) - An awesome name, but maybe some unwanted Titanic associations.
    Vanadis (va-nah-deez) - A boardwalk.
    Villanelle (vil-ah-nell) - A calm village.
    Yvaine (ee-VAYN) - tropical sands slowly shaped by lapping waters.
    These names are so beautiful!
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    Favorites from your list:

    My suggestions:
    Calliope - I know you have seen this before, but it's perfectly Greek to go with Aphrodite
    Esmeralda - very long and dramatic, a good match for Aphrodite
    Guinevere - strong and queenly, also parallel to the splendor of Aphrodite
    Julietta - A little more elaborate than Juliet, with a variety of cute nicknames and enough brilliance to stand next to big sis
    Kerensa - Cornish meaning love, a subtle connection to big sis goddess of love. Also elaborate and exotic enough to stack up in my opinion
    Rhiannon - meaning "divine queen" it also seems like a natural companion for Aphrodite.
    Sapphira - very elegant with Aphrodite, yet a little untraditional and exotic
    Seraphina - soft and pretty like Aphrodite, and even shares that unique ph sound
    Valencia - exotic flair and lilting flow makes this a nice choice with big sis

    Best of luck! I'm sure you'll find one you adore. It's actually easier than I thought to pair up names with Aphrodite...

    Olympia * Waverly * Amaryllis * Holiday * Seraphina

    Laszlo * Phineas * Darwin * Caspian * Virgil

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