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Thread: Minerva

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    I find myself falling for Minerva! It's an uncommon name with ancient/mythological history behind it. It has a great meaning, a cute nickname "Mina", and the best of literature (Harry Potter, The Spoon River Anthology).

    It also feels really clunky and way too heavy for a little girl or even a teenager. I'm finding it hard to create combinations with too - I thought about putting it as a middle but the -a ending makes it even harder to combine.

    Do you know a Minerva? (I've met Athenas, but never a Minerva!) Would you name your daughter Minerva? What would you use for a first/middle name with Minerva?
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    Regarding it being hard for a little girl to wear, it is a heavy name, but we're adults far far longer than we're children and with child-friendly nn's like Minnie I really don't think it's a problem.

    I agree that the meaning is lovely and I kinda like it, but it's really not my style so I'd never personally use it. I feel like Athena is just a more pleasant sound, so I'd be more likely to use that.

    Ariadne Minerva sounds well (if very mythological )

    Even something like Lucy Minerva or Elizabeth Minerva sounds nice.
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    All of the Minervas I know of were born in the early to mid 1800s, so I can't exactly ask them how they feel about their names. I think Minerva would be a great choice. For whatever reason, Minerva Charlotte was the first name that came to mind. I think pairing it with something mainstream takes away from the clunky, unusual aspects of the name.

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    Do you know a Minerva? I do not know anyone named Minerva.
    Would you name your daughter Minerva? I would consider it because Mina or Minnie are so cute to wear while their growing up.
    What would you use for a first/middle name with Minerva? I would use Minerva Helena or Minerva Eloise.
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    I do know someone named Minerva she goes by Minnie and is somewhere in her twenties, it is too heavy for me so I probably wouldn't use it. As a middle I would choose something a little more whimsical/softer like.....

    Minerva Eloise
    Minerva Ariel
    Minerva Allaire
    Minerva Wilow
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