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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    For those berries from New Zealand and Australia:
    I'm from the US, and I know that I tend to lump your two countries together.
    Is there any actual overlap between your countries aside from you both (I think) being part of the "Commonwealth" and being near each other.
    Two completely separate governments?
    Maori and Australian Aboriginals have nothing to do with each other?
    What are the biggest differences between your countries that you wished people knew?
    That we don't have the same accent. It is kinda similar, but not the same at all! It's almost like saying that the Irish accent & the Scottish accent sound the same.

    Yeah practically what Ebony said above.
    Lee, blackbird.

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    Chelyabinsk, Russia
    I'm from Russia. Chelyabinsk (chel'ah-beensk) to be exact. Its temperature range is -40 Celsius in winter to +40 in summer! My city is situated on the border of Ural and Siberia; half of my city is in Ural, half in Siberia! I live in Ural. On February the 15th 2013, a powerful meteor explodes just above my city! Over 1000 people got injured. Thankfully, nobody died. In the news when they were talking about the meteor, our governor Mikhail Yurevich said: "Possibly, the meteorite wasn't from stone. You know... Hard gas, ice from gas.. Interplanetary bodies." Not all Russian people are that stupid! There are over a million people here. No, bears don't walk on the streets in Russia they live in the forests and zoos. There are too much fabrics and plants here, and the air is very polluted. Feel free to ask me any questions about Russia and Chelyabinsk!
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    @Cadeece I love russia and most eastern european countries. Whats it like having such a huge temperature range ours is about -5 degrees Celsius to about 43 degrees celcius.

    @mina it annoys me when people seem to think we sound the same no we don't similar but not the same
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    ooh I like this thread and learning about other countries. I finally know what American's are referring to when they say pantyhose lol, although I have to now what you call flip flops in America, when I moved to Australia from the UK I started volunteering for a clothing op shop/charity store and on my second day a man asked me if there were any vests and thongs in store, I replied 'we sell vests but we don't sell underwear here'. Then if that wasn't bad enough I showed him vest tops (the English term for vest tops) which is a signlet whereas he wanted a knitted sleeveless jumper/sweater.

    The pant/underpant's thing still catches me out, and I often get complimented here on my 'pants' and like said before hand check for holes lol.

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    @mauvebird: I'm pretty sure we call them flip-flops. I'd have the same reaction as you if anyone referred to shoes as "thongs."
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