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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    For those berries from New Zealand and Australia:
    I'm from the US, and I know that I tend to lump your two countries together.
    Is there any actual overlap between your countries aside from you both (I think) being part of the "Commonwealth" and being near each other.
    Two completely separate governments?
    Maori and Australian Aboriginals have nothing to do with each other?
    What are the biggest differences between your countries that you wished people knew?
    Yes two separate governments and completely different places. They are both part of the commonwealth but so is Canada and India. I'm not sure how far it s from the eastern states but its a 7 hour flight from Perth to Aukland (I'm actually closer to Malaysia then NZ). I know the ANZ netball championships is teams from Australian capital cities vs teams from NZ. As far as I know the aboriginal australians and maoris are both the original settlers of two different countries. We did however fight together is Gallipoli (the ANZACS) and ANZAC day which is still celebrated in in memory of that.
    We also have completely different accents.
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    Cool idea. I'm Australian, but there are quite a few Aussie Berries around!
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    I'm considering moving to either London, Auckland or Wellington after I graduate--I think the film industry in LA is a bit too toxic for me. I've been to London, but not the other two, so if anyone lives in/has stuff to share about those three cities, I'd love to hear it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeknamezyo View Post
    @anotherkate, wow that's close! My dad used to work in Alexandria. I'm from a bit further out into the suburbs--think end of the Orange Line .

    And @bonfireazalea: I'm in the US and I use tap and faucet interchangeably. I also always say tights, not pantyhose--I think it's mainly older generations that call them that.
    Oh okay I got the US and UK terms off the Internet, not too sure what people actually use there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by resaandmo View Post
    @jasmine.lee: How much Maori vocab would you say has seeped into the non-native population?
    Well, I'm not too sure! the words you hear a lot is kai, which means food. "I'm gonna go and get some kai" is a common phrase. and general stuff like Kia Ora (hello), whanau (family) etc

    I don't speak it fluently or anything, but a bit leaks into a convo every once in a while.
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