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    @renrose: Does anyone in Liverpool still speak Scouse? I'm asking mainly because over here,unless someone lives out in the middle of nowhere they probably will not have a Southern accent at all. At my school,out of all the kids in my grade,only two have an accent so to speak. It's mostly elderly people who have it now. You might say that the Texas drawl is dying along with the generation that speaks it.

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    Northern Ireland/England
    I think I'm the only one from Northern Ireland. So, ask away if you like! I'm obviously pretty familiar with the rest of the UK too, particularly Scotland and the north of England.
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    @C&P I just realized I don't know where you're from I guess I assumed London, but...
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    I think I'm the only one from Faroe Islands... Feel free to ask, and I do my best to answer

    I don't think we are stereotyped, since we're mainly unknown. Often got The Question from people online: "Where the heck is it?" x)
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    Thank you so much.
    I absolutely love Dr Who. Do you need to buy tickets beforehand or can you just buy them when you go there? I'll definitely write down your other suggestions as I'm going with my mom and (especially) she wants to visit a few museums.
    After Cardiff we'll be driving home along the coast so if someone knows places or towns that deserve a visit, please tell me.

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