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    Questions about countries?

    I'm from Scotland, Glasgow. It's in the UK. I love where I stay I would say I have only saw 1 other berry from Scotland. So does anyone want to ask a question?

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    Is it really true that your unis are free to go to, if you're a EU citizen? *w*
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    I live in Athens,Greece and I love my country.I havent seen any other berry who stay there.

    How is the weather?? Hot? Cold ?

    EDIT : If you have any questions about Greece feel free to ask me
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    Since your technically in the UK, are you under the rule of Queen Elizabeth? Are England and the UK two separate countries?

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    @lyraslife; I'm too young to have be going to Uni, but yes I definitely think they are free.
    @Bellerose; Cold! Right now it is 17C or 63F.
    @dramagrl19; The UK stands for United Kingdom. It is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Queen Liz is ruler of the UK. Scotland are fighting to get independence and be away from the UK. But the Queen will still rule Scotland.

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