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    BIRTH #1
    G/B: Alice Rose & Theodore Sorrel

    BIRTH #2
    G/G/B: Raven Elizabeth, Ember Alexandria & Sage Christopher

    BIRTH #3
    G: Talitha Zoe

    BIRTH #4
    B/B/B: Malachi James, Jasper Thomas & Flint Samuel

    BIRTH #5
    B: Reuben Marcus

    BIRTH #6
    G: Indira Maude

    BIRTH #7
    G/G/B: Beatrix, Adeline & Maeve

    BIRTH #8
    B/B/B: Seth Henry, Noah William & Eben Nicholas

    BIRTH #9
    G/G/G: Margot Evanna, Edith Seren & Sylvie Madigan

    BIRTH #10
    G/G/G: Gaia Evelyn, Freya Estelle & Arya Ellen

    Alice, Theo, Rave, Emme, Sage, Tallie, Malachi, Jasper, Flynn, Reuben, Indie, Beatrix, Addie, Maeve, Seth, Noah, Eben, Margot, Edie, Sylvie, Gaia, Freya & Ari.

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    Birth 1: Boy, Henry William
    Birth 2: Triplet boys, Phineas "Phin" Jethro, Otto Mercury, and Stellan Homer (hipster first names)
    Birth 3: Boy, Deccan Tate
    Birth 4: Triplet boys, Lucas Aaron, Liam Alexander, and Loren Asher (same initial, obviously)
    Birth 5: Boy/Girl twins, Grey Warren and Violet Willow (color first names; 'w' middle names)
    Birth 6: Girl, Adair Zosma
    Birth 7: Boy, Hugo Sutton
    Birth 8: Triplet girls, Tulip Lily, Zinnia Rose, and Chrysanthemum "Chryssie" Daisy (common flower; uncommon flower)
    Birth 9: Girl/Girl/Boy triplets, Rory Liana, Poppy Louisa, and Rowan Luther (name meaning red; 'l' middle names)
    Birth 10: Twin girls, Lindsay Monica and Courtney Allison (90's/80's first and middle names)

    Henry (14), Phin, Otto, & Stellan (13), Deccan (12), Lucas, Liam & Loren (11), Grey & Violet (10), Adair (9), Hugo (8), Tulip, Zinnia, & Chryssie (7), Rory, Poppy, & Rowan (6), and Lindsay & Courtney (5).

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    Quote Originally Posted by William Shakespeare
    What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

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    Henry / Jude / Malachi / Ezra /
    Aaron / Micah / Carson / Isaac

    Hallie / Remy / Phoebe / Charlotte
    Lily / Nora / Isabella / Rylie

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    A galaxy far, far away
    Abby • 17 • Competitive Dancer • Writer

    Iris Matilda|Aurora Isabel|Maeve Artemis|Kaia Reverie|Sabrina Fleur
    Juno Delilah|Nola Xanthe|Saela Vesper|Mabel Amoret|Thalia Brynn
    August Laurence|Magnus Jacoby|Conrad Emory|Archer Murray|Lachlan Sage
    Nolan Shepherd|Rory Xavier|Caspian Ellis|Flynn Alexander|Fabian James

    Trying out...
    Elsa Naomi|Nico Lysander
    Calista Margo|Torin Sirius

    Officially a senior! Class of 2017

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    Heather | Pre-TTC | Art Teacher

    Current Top Pairings
    Alphonse Wolfgang | Hildegarde Artemisia

    FNs: Eirawen, Elvira, Hildegarde, Isolde, Claudia, Wilhelmina, Astraea, Deirdre, Olympia, Rowena
    MNs: Odette, Artemisia, Astrid, Fauna, Morwen, Lyra, Flora, Ingrid, Morwen, Beatrix, Zephyra, Indira
    FNs: Alphonse, Kaspian, Severus, Soren, Lysander, Raoul, Tiberius, Dmitri, Raphael, Ignatius, Percival
    MNs: Wolfgang, Ludovic, Emrys, Thorin, Gustav, Remus, Basil, Virgil, Ambrose, Gerard

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