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    Exclamation Hesitant To Use Name Because Of Conflict: Suggestions Needed!

    I'm afraid that I may have to give up my favorite name because of the potential conflict of my sister wanting to use it too. I'll post the thread for anyone who wants background info below.

    The name I might end up having to ditch is my all time favorite James.

    When I have a son I will be using two middle names and the second middle will be King. My favorite boy names: Michael, James & Henry,

    This is my long list of names I prefer for middles:
    Elijah, Alaric, Perseus, Sebastian, Walter, Simon, Alexander, Thomas, Jeremiah, Julian, Emmett, Conrad, David, Gideon, Lucian, Malcolm and Truman

    The bolded are my favorite middle names. As you can see I like a decent amount of boy names, but I am really picky with the name I like for a first name. I love them, but not enough to use in the first name spot. So here comes the challenge for you all.

    Can you suggestion names that I might love enough to use in the first place?
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