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    Name the Babies G1 Results

    The Benning Family
    DH: James Frederick
    DW: Michaela Rose
    DD: Adelaide Lilac (emitheduckling)
    DD: Wilhelmina Rose (bb)
    DS: Leopold Sage (mrsrubio9)
    DS: Maximilian River (bb)
    DS: Augustus Birch (mrsrubio9)

    The Duncan Family
    DH: Patrick Joseph
    DW: Lilly Beatrice
    DS: August Hayes (alyssalorraine)
    DD: Eloise Anne (bb)
    DD: Amelia Catherine (nameaway & emitheduckling)
    DD: Imogen Victoria (peacheysmiles)
    DD: Olivia Elizabeth (peacheysmiles)

    The Jackson Family
    DH: Owen Raife
    DW: Amelia Day
    DD: Harlow Imogen (emitheduckling)
    DS: Caspian Miles (bb)
    DS: Archer Phineas (ccourtneyw)
    DS: Ronan Tobias (waverly123)
    DD: Maeve Caroline (bowtiful)

    The Smith Family
    DH: Charles Arthur "Charlie"
    DW: Maria Isobel
    DS: Theodore Cortez "Theo" (alyssalorraine)
    DD: Charlotte Luz "Lottie" (emitheduckling)
    DS: William Miguel "Will" (waverly123)
    DS: Alexander Juan "Alex" (abbynu)
    DS: Nicholas Mateo "Nick" (mrsrubio9)

    The McFadden Family
    DH: Kevin Gregory
    DW: Laurel Elizabeth
    DD: Cecilia Eve (emitheduckling)
    DS: Harvey Gabriel (emitheduckling)
    DS: Byron Gage (ccourtneyw)
    DD: Matilda Esme (waverly123)
    DD: Claudia Eden (mrsrubio9)

    The Evans Family
    DH: Luke Alexander
    DW: Peyton Claire
    DS: Parker Orlando (emilydanielle)
    DS: Finley Boston (bb)
    DS: Kai Hudson (elizabethdittmer)
    DD: Shea Florence (bb)
    DD: Emery Sienna (peacheysmiles)

    I'll be back with the second generation
    Name nerd. Cat lover. Proud aunt to Ellen Lizzie 3/17/2015

    Lovely Girls
    Under construction
    Handsome Boys
    James Henry*William August*Owen Frederick*Isaiah Paul*Sebastian Charles*Louis Andrew*
    Caleb James*Wyatt Nicholas*Thomas Emilio*Alexander John*Samuel Evan*Gabriel Matthew*

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