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Thread: Rules Game

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    Feb 2013
    Ohio, USA
    Husband’s Name: Jordan Thomas Leigh
    Wife’s Name: Laurel Quin Leigh

    First Birth: Joseph Lazar Leigh 'Joe'
    Second Birth: Stella Ruby Leigh & Bonnie Evelyn Leigh
    Third Birth: N/A
    Fourth Birth: Melina Quin Leigh 'Mila', Malcolm Xavier Leigh, and Olan Killian Leigh
    Fifth Birth: Florence Vivienne Leigh 'Flora', Thomas Owen Leigh 'Tom', and Thaddeus Beau 'Thad'
    Sixth Birth: Edith Dahlia Leigh 'Edie'
    Seventh Birth: Indiana Nolan Leigh 'Indi'
    Eight Birth: Ronan Raphael Leigh
    Ninth Birth: Ava Carys Leigh, Aubrey Catherine Leigh, Christian Alphonse Leigh 'Chris', and Calvin August Leigh 'Cal'
    Tenth Birth: Johanna Christine Leigh 'JC'

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eve - Fiona - Johanna - Lana - Lena - Sally

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    Dec 2013
    LN: Avonmore
    DH: Alex Harley
    DW: Angeline Erin

    DS: Austin Abner
    DD/DD: Sophie Emerald and Bailey Ysmay
    DS/DS: Sawyer Gabriel and Edwin Riley
    DD/DS/DS: Gwenneth Erin, Archer William and Thatcher Eddard
    DD/DD/DS/DS: Chelsea Bentley and Elisa Primrose. John Ethan and James Gale.
    DS/DS: Peter Cason and Heath Rudy
    DS: Maximillian Arden
    DD: Emma Scarlet
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Alma Caitlyn, Anne Cora, Ariadne Camille and Avalon Corin
    DS: Finn Alexander

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    Jun 2013
    Gwyneth Berkeley (9/95), Landon Bradley (12/98), Sawyer Kymberley (12/07), Alivia Presley (1/11), Ingrid Hadley (4/13) & Harlow Ripley (7/14)

    Anthony, Benjamin, Carey, Carmine, Ellington, Hudson, Judah, Kingston, Liam, Luca, Ross, Ryker
    Astoria, Harlow, Honor, Ireland, Lorelei, Lorraine, Magnolia, Rydel, Vienna, Waverly, Willow
    GPs: Bauer, Hart, Noble, Oak, Rocky, Royal, Shor, Wilder, Zane/Beauty, Haven, Love, Oakley, Oceane, Rhine, Sailor/Sailor Mae, Snow, Sunday

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    17 year old writer, dreamer, and name enthusiast.
    My future children: Lucy Juliet, Ruby Claire, Adelaide Rachel, Noah James, and Caleb Elijah.

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    Dec 2011
    Boys: William Thomas | James Malcolm | Elias Christian | Vincent Theo | Joshua Benedict
    Girls: Alice Genevieve | Miranda Yvaine | Ivy Arabella | Clara Josephine | Celia Arianwyn
    Guilty Pleasures: Eglantine | Oisín | Zipporah | Étienne | Mitzi | Lidewij

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