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    Ohio, USA
    DW: Celia Juliette Apple-Young
    DH: Terrence Jack Young 'Terry'

    DD: Flora Josephine Young-Brady---Widow of Ethan Miles Brady
    ---DS: Lincoln Alexander 'Link' Brady
    ---DS: Desmond Richard 'Desi' Brady
    ---DD: Gloria Willow 'Glory' Brady

    DS: Christopher Ulysses Chris' Young---Husband of Teresa Hope 'Terry' Wade-Young
    ---DD: Vivienne Sabrina Young 'Vivi'
    ---DS: Quentin Oliver Young 'Quent'

    DS: Simon Everett Young---Boyfriend of Ava Lauren Fresco
    ---DS/DS: Bennett Antonio 'Benny' Young & Derek Francisco Young
    ---DD: Gia Catherine Young
    ---DS: Franco Damien 'Frank' Young
    ---DD: Philipa Selene Pippa' Young

    DD: Mila Daphne Young (Jarrett)---Wife of David Wayne Jarrett
    ---DS/DS: Theodore Jonas 'Theo' Jarrett & Leonardo Michael 'Leo' Jarrett
    ---DD/DD: Candice Faith 'Candy' Jarrett & Christine Belle Jarrett
    ---DS/DD: Daniel Gage Danny' Jarrett & Maria Cecily Jarrett

    DD: Gretchen Amelia Young---Partner of Natalie Renee 'Nattie' Blake
    ---DD: Sofia Angelique Blake Young
    ---DD: Alma Carmen Blake Young

    DS: Zachary William 'Zac' Young---Husband of Holly Grace Fitzwilliam
    ---DS: Zander Russell 'Zane' Young
    ---DD/DS: Zoë Samantha Young & Holden Benjamin Young
    ---DD/DS/DD: Leona Carol Young, Lawrence Arthur Young, & Lillian Winona 'Lily' Young
    ---DS/DD/DS: Austin Charles Young, Ava Madison Young, & Atticus Dexter Young
    ---DD: Hera Natasha Young

    DD: Victoria Young (Manning)---Wife of Chandler Wesley Manning
    ---DD: Alexandra Poet 'Lexie' Manning
    ---DS: Sylvester Reginald 'Sly' Manning
    ---DD: Virginia Lake 'Ginger' Manning

    DD: Jacqueline Eva 'Jackie' Young---Girlfriend of Tyler Douglas Monroe
    ---DD/DS: Laurel Constantine Monroe Young & Ian Walter Monroe Young
    ---DS: Jacob Paul 'Jake' Monroe Young
    ---DD: Veronica Pearl 'Vera' Monroe Young

    DS: Joel Thomas Young---Husband of Sarah Aurora Pope
    ---DS: Marcus Alexander 'Marc' Young
    ---DD: Lucy Charlotte Young
    ---DD: Addison Margaret Addy' Young
    ---DS: Christian Phillip Young

    DD: Monica Faye Young---Wife of Grey Richard Baker
    ---DS: Peregrine Hudson 'Perry' Baker
    ---DD: Persephone Sadie Seffy' Baker

    DS: Gabriel Max 'Gabe' Young---Boyfriend of Sasha Ashley Torrance
    ---DS: Patrick Orion 'Pat' Young

    DS: Nathan Joseph 'Nate' Young---Partner of Keith Avery Scott
    ---DD: Dahlia Selene Scott Young
    ---DD: Rosalie Michelle 'Rose' Scott Young
    ---DS: Owen Jonah Scott Young

    DS: Shane Orlando Young---Boyfriend of Charlotte Beverley 'Lottie' Tristall
    ---DD: Lola Hilary Young
    ---DS/DS: Gregory Miles 'Greg' Young & Julian Emmett 'Jules' Young

    DS: August Wade Young---Boyfriend of Clara Elizabeth Grimes
    ---DS: Terrence Wade 'Terry' Young
    ---DD/DS: Harper Louise Young & Percy Mitchell Young

    DS: Henry Felix Young---Husband of Shoshanna Kendall Boyd
    ---DS: Knox Walter Young (Adopted)
    ---DS: Mason Felix Young (Adopted)
    ---DD/DD: Abigail Joanie 'Abby' & Leslie Beatrice Young (Adopted)

    DD: Isobel Scarlett Young---Girlfriend of Colton Neville Reid
    ---DS/DD/DD: Theo Kyle Reid, Josie Ariel Reid, Sadie Rachel Reid
    ---DD: Felicia Anne Reid
    ---DS/DS: George Carson Reid & Lloyd Sawyer Reid

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eve - Johanna - Lana - Lena - Sally - Zanna

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    Me: Emma Catharine Scott
    Husband: Ashton Lucas Scott

    D: Delilah Claire
    -Married: Judas Oliver Matthews
    -Twin sons: Avery John and Jacob Alexander Matthews
    *Lily, Judas, Avery, and Jake*

    S: Theodore Ashton Scott
    -Married: Jennifer Allison
    -Kids: Julian David, twins Emmalyn Blair and Adalyn Jane, Evan Connor, and Aidan Luke
    *Theo, Jen, Ian, Emmie, Addie, Evan, and Aidan*

    S: Roman Elliot Scott
    -Married: Shane Tyler Evans
    -Kids: Kaylen Eliana Scott-Evans and Winter Shayna Scott-Evans
    *Roman, Shane, Kaylen, and Winter*

    D: Thalia Allegro
    -Married: Darius John Parker
    -Son: Amari Colin Parker
    *Thalia, DJ, and Amari*

    D: Lydia Rose
    -Married: Louis Cameron Jones
    -Sons: Levi Ryan Colt Jones and Leo Robert Cade Jones
    *Lydia, Lou, Levi, and Leo*

    S: Finn Oliver Scott
    -Never married; no children

    D: Isabel Tate
    - Married: Jorden Allen Roberts
    -Son: James Allen Roberts
    *Izzy, Jorden, and Jamie*

    D: Piper Alisa Scott
    -Married: Emaly Kate Torren
    -Triplets: Catherine Eloise Torren-Scott, Liam Asher Torren-Scott, and Thomas Alec Torren-Scott
    *Pippa, Ema, Catie, Liam, and Tommy*

    S: Felix Edward Scott
    -Married: Izobella Daniele
    -Kids: Jose Felix Scott, Sofia Izobel Scott, and Nico Edward Scott
    *Felix, Bella, Jose, Sofia, and Nico*

    D: Natalie Lynn Scott
    -Never married; Son: Ezekiel Damon Scott
    *Nat and Zeke*

    S: Jack Emmett Scott
    -Married: Jamie Eloise
    -Daughter: Jessie Elia Scott
    *Jack, Jamie, and Elia*

    S: Harry Benjamin Scott
    -Married: Caleb Olly Davis
    -Twins: Eleanor Rose Scott-Davis and William Henry Scott-Davis
    *Harry, Caleb, Ellie, and Liam*

    S: James Daniel Scott Sr.
    -Married: Olivia Zoe
    -Sons: James Daniel Scott Jr., and Lucas Owen Scott
    *Jem, Olivia, Junior, and Luke*

    S: Kyler Drew Scott
    -Engaged to: Elivia Jane Fitzgerald
    -Daughter: Brice Ellen Scott
    *Kyler, Elivia, and Brice*

    S: Eben Robert Scott
    -Married: Tatiana Jonie
    -Kids: Faith Rosa, Owen Ryker, and Brielle Rylie Scott
    *Eben, Tatiana, Faith, Owen, and Brie*

    D: Shiloh Faye
    -Married: Maxwell Jude Harper
    -Kids: Augustus Luke, twins Hazel Grace, and Scout Noelle Harper
    *Shiloh, Max, Gus, Hazel Grace, and Scout*

    My massive family (:

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    DW: Evelyn Margaret Marshall (65)
    DH: Arthur Lewis Marshall (65)

    DD: Kirsten Grace Bruce (47)
    DSL: Matthew Russell Bruce (47) “Matt
    DGS: Dillon Christian Bruce (20)
    DGS: Trevor Alexander Bruce (17)
    DGS: Garrett Nicholas Bruce (13)
    DS: Andrew James Marshall (45) “Andy
    DDL: Tracy Jane Marshall (44)
    DGS: Austin Louis Marshall (19)
    DGD: Alexis Alice Marshall (18)
    DGD: Amber Carol Marshall (15)
    DGD: Avery Violet Marshall (12)
    DGD: Ashlyn Olivia Marshall (8)
    DS: Joshua Henry Marshall (44) “Josh
    DDL: Janice Cynthia Marshall (42)
    DGS: Gavin Beau Marshall (16)
    DGS: Rowan Noah Marshall (15)
    DGD: Teagan Cleo Marshall (13)
    DGD: Tasmin Elle Marshall (13)
    DD: Bethany Clara Wynn (40) “Beth
    DSL: Aiden Christopher Wynn (42)
    DGS: Nolan Timothy Wynn (12)
    DGS: Brady Jeffery Wynn (9)
    DGD: Regan Bethany Wynn (8)
    DGS: Logan Bradley Wynn (8)
    DGS: Mason Gregory Wynn (2)
    DD: Candace Julia Bowen (40) “Candy
    DSL: William Dennis Bowen (40) “Will
    DGD: Lydia Cassandra Bowen (8)
    DGS: Thomas Demetrius Bowen (5)
    DS: Brandon David Marshall (38)
    DDL: Wendy Gabrielle Greene-Marshall (43)
    DGD: Alexandra Hope Greene (16) “Alex
    DGS: Duncan Charles Marshall (7)
    DGD: Marina Helene Marshall (4)
    DGD: Gemma Rosalie Marshall (3)
    DD: Hannah Emma McCall (37)
    DSL: Colin Ralph McCall (39)
    DGS: Houston Brian McCall (7)
    DGD: Savannah Coral McCall (4)
    DD: Vanessa Diana Clemons (35)
    DSL: Nicholas Joel Clemons (37) “Nick
    DGS: Ryland Mathias Clemons (6)
    DGS: Roland Malachi Clemons (6)
    DS: Derrick Victor Marshall (32)
    DSL: Corey Randall Dudley (30)
    DGS: Kendall Jesse Dudley-Marshall (8)
    DGD: Mackenzie Lana Dudley-Marshall (2)
    DD: Monica Anna Watson (30)
    DSL: Patrick Gordon Watson (35)
    DGS: Ethan Finn Watson (3)
    DGD: Micah Faye Watson (NB)
    DS: Zachary John Marshall (30) “Zach
    DDL: Donna Leigh Marshall (30)
    DS: Jordan Paul Marshall (30)
    DDL: Tara Lauren Marshall (27)
    DGS: Lucas Xavier Marshall (2)
    DS: Wesley Aaron Marshall (29) “Wes
    DDL: Jewel Christine Marshall (28)
    DS: Jeremy Simon Marshall (28)
    DDL: Jessica Esther Marshall (25)
    DGD: Julianna Sophia Marshall (NB)
    DS: Cameron Jacob Marshall (26)
    DFL: Chloe Annalise Evans (25)
    DD: Meghan Laura Marshall (24)
    DBL: Clay Aaron Ferrell (24)
    DGD: Noelle Adeline Marshall (6)
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    Abigail Charlotte Schanoes m. Vincent William Valente
    -Alice Genevieve Valente - 47 m. Bertram Armand Yolen
    --Elizabeth Zelda Yolen - 15
    -William Thomas Valente - 47 m. Charlotte Margaret Bailey
    --Warren Andrew Valente - 18
    --Bernadine Christina Valente - 14
    --Robert Joseph Valente - 9
    --Grace Joanna Valente - 8
    --Forrest Henry Valente - 5
    --Karl Patrick Valente - 5
    -Isaac Augustus Valente - 47 m. Leila Prudence Wein
    -Cora Isobel Valente - 45 m. Oliver Milburn Bear
    --Noah Hadley Bear - 3
    --Edgar Theo Bear - NB
    --Julia Clarabelle Bear - NB
    -Georgiana Adele Valente - 43 m. Foster Roland Warren
    --Lucien Kurt Warren - 23
    --Violet Alberta Warren - 22
    --Adelia Olivia Warren - 20
    --Lucretia Louise Warren - 17
    --Arthur Norman Warren - 15
    --Harriet Freda Warren - 11
    -Malcolm James Valente - 41 m. Kiana Nina Blaylock
    --Nia Iris Valente - 21
    --Calvin John Valente - 11
    --India Anna Valente - 8
    -Elinor Jane Valente - 39 m. Walker David Valentine
    --Caroline Leah Valentine - 18
    -Ivy Arabella Valente - 39 m. Benjamin Clarence Ford
    --Sarah Christabel Ford - 17
    --Mary Amelia Ford - 4
    --Miles Campbell Ford - 2
    -Elias Christian Valente - 39 m. Elisabeth Brooklyn Sherman
    --Nathan Camden Valente - 9
    --Salome Harper Valente - 9
    --Simon Carson Valente - 9
    --Jay Colton Valente - 2
    --Ivy London Valente - 2
    -Audrey Sabrina Valente - 37 m. Jack Luca Goss
    --Anne Lucia Goss - 5
    --Kennith Mauro Goss - 5
    --Vaughn Lorenzo Goss - 3
    --Cate Valentina Goss - 1
    --Charlotte Rosa Goss - NB
    -Vincent Theodore Valente - 37 m. Veronica Violet McHugh
    --Curtis Tristan Valente - NB
    -Henry Samuel Valente - 35 m. Wilhelmina Katherine Hieber
    --Claudia Katherine Valente - 5
    --Ava Sophia Valente - 2
    -Arthur Percival Valente - 35 m. Rowena Zadie Maguire
    --Walter Bertrand Valente - 3
    --Leslie Rosabel Valente - 3
    --James Burke Valente - 2
    --Eleanor Amalie Valente - NB
    -Robert Oscar Valente - 33 m. Alberta Muriel Koja
    --Alice Maeve Valente - 7
    --William Magnus Valente - 7
    --Warner Finnegan Valente - 5
    --Elsie Maureeen Valente - 5
    --Jack Keir Valente - 2
    --Adelaide Mina Valente - 1
    -Gideon Benedict Valente - 33 m. Sarai Roma Lee
    --Anais Vivian Valente - 3
    -Miranda Violet Valente - 33 m. Benedict Orville Kushner
    --Benjamin Clement Kushner - 8
    --Marcellus Elwood Kushner - 6
    --Cornelius Elroy Kushner - 5
    --Scarlett Althea Kushner - 4
    --Adrian Henry Kushner - 2
    Baby Boys: Oisín Thomas Jude - Rónán Emmanuel James - Ciarán Oscar William - Cinéad Robert Fionn - Cillian Éamon Vincent

    Darling Daughters: Orla Constance Eilís - Helena Cecilia Maud "Nellie" - Honora Veronica Alice "Nora" - Gráinne Rosalind Niamh - Moira Susanna Audrey

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    Jan 2013
    LN: Hall

    DH: Harry Daniel
    DW: Eleanor Kate
    - DD1: Charlotte Elsa
    - DS1: Theodore Reuben
    - DS2: Oscar Thackary
    - DD2: Amelia Ruth
    - DD3: Isabel Norah
    - DS3: Isaac Benjamin
    - DD4: Matilda Rosalie
    - DD5: Emily Elizabeth
    - DS4: Jacob Carter
    - DD6: Louisa Sophie
    - DS5: Edward Joshua
    - DS6: Nathaniel Joseph
    - DS7: Ezra Jack
    - DS8: Lucas Samuel
    - DS9: Noah Henry
    - DD7: Esther Rose

    Lottie, Theo, Oscar, Amy, Issy, Zac, Tilly, Millie, Jake, Louisa, Teddy, Nate, Ezra, Luke, Noah & Esther.


    LN: Benton

    DH: Alexander Elliot
    DW: Charlotte Elsa
    - DS1: Zachary Lehi
    - DD1: Imogen Lily

    Zach & Immy.


    LN: Hall

    DH: Theodore Reuben
    DW: Erin Lydia
    - DD1: Sophia Taliah
    - DD2: Chloe Seren
    - DD3: Esmé Lacey
    - DS1: Zane Isaiah

    Fee, Chlo, Essie & Zane


    LN: Hall

    DH: Oscar Thackary
    DW: Genevieve Eva
    - DS1: Mason Joel
    - DS2: Adam Felix
    - DD1: Ella Amy
    - DD2: Freya Jessica

    Mason, Adam, Ella & Freya.


    LN: Watson

    DH: George Charles
    DW: Amelia Ruth
    - DD1: Zara Selena
    - DS1: Liam Jonah
    - DD2: Jasmine Saffron

    Zara, Liam & Jas.


    LN: Chapman

    DH: Thomas Joel
    DW: Isabel Norah
    - DD1: Madeline Posey
    - DS1: Milo Utah
    - DD2: Beth Madison
    - DD3: Abigail Mollie
    - DD4: Ava Tilly

    Maddie, Milo, Beth, Abi & Ava.


    LN: Hall

    DH: Isaac Benjamin
    DW: Emmeline Lucy
    - DD1: Savannah Effie
    - DS1: Riley Max
    - DS2: Micah Leon
    - DD2: Eden Lola
    - DS3: Jensen Ishmael

    Vannah, Riley, Micah, Eden & Jen.


    LN: Robinson

    DH: James Bruno
    DW: Matilda Rosalie
    - DS1: Callum Spencer
    - DD1: Ebony Lorena

    Cal & Bonnie


    LN: Scott

    DH: Alfred Emmett
    DW: Emily Elizabeth
    - DS1: Finley Hugh
    - DD1: Milena Eliza
    - DS2: Miles Dominic

    Finn, Milly & Miles.


    LN: Hall

    DH: Jacob Carter
    DW: Rebekah Tabitha
    - DS1: Maddox Cameron
    - DD1: Grace Annabel
    - DS2: Bradley Louis
    - DS3: Ebenezer Matthew
    - DD2: Sienna Jessa

    Maddox, Grace, Brad, Eben & Sienna.


    LN: Green

    DH: Cole Marcus
    DW: Louisa Sophie
    - DD1: Hallie Leonie
    - DD2: Farrah Samarah
    - DD3: Jade Maisie

    Hal, Farrah & Jade.


    LN: Hall

    DH: Edward Joshua
    DW: Martha Hermione
    - DD1: Lauren Caitlin
    - DD2: India Lorna
    - DD3: Elspeth Sahara
    - DS1: Lemuel Kai
    - DS2: Enzo Jayden

    Lauren, India, Ellie, Lemmy & Enzo.


    LN: Hall

    DH: Nathaniel Joseph
    DW: Alice Penelope
    - DS1: Gregory Preston
    - DS2: Noel Jamie
    - DS3: Abel Cody
    - DS4: Rory Elias

    Greg, Noel, Abel & Rory.


    LN: Hall

    DH: Ezra Jack
    DW: Megan Susannah
    - DS1: Levi Emilio
    - DS2: Kallan Zachariah
    - DD1: Erica Pippa
    - DS3: Rhys Connor
    - DD2: Cara Olivia
    - DD3: Isla Sadie
    - DS4: Madden Israel

    Levi, Kal, Erica, Rhys, Cara, Isla & Madden.


    LN: Hall

    DH: Lucas Samuel
    DW: Tessa Hope
    - DS1: Toby Sebastian
    - DD1: Amber Lexie
    - DS2: Ethan Oakley
    - DD2: Elsa Lottie

    Toby, Amber, Ethan & Elsa.


    LN: Hall

    DH: Noah Henry
    DW: Mara Juliet
    - DD1: Hannah Elsie



    LN: Cartwright

    DH: Hugo Oliver
    DW: Esther Rose
    - DS1: Caleb Jared
    - DS2: Cory Giles
    - DS3: Malachai Casey
    - DS4: Tyler Caine

    Caleb, Cory, Mal & Ty.
    Girls: Ella, Imogen, Freya, Amelia, Chloe, Isabella, Hannah, Charlotte, Eleanor, Sophia, Jessica, Eden, Madeline, Abigail, Beth, Ava, Erika, Zara, Matilda, Milena, Tilly & Molly.

    Boys: Oscar, Isaac, Jacob, Edward, Noah, Harry, Theodore, Zachary, Zane, Nathaniel, Daniel, Lucas, Mason, Benjamin, Milo, Adam, Reuben, Jensen, Micah, Archie, Ezra, Joshua, Riley, Samuel & Maddox

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