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    Your 65th birthday

    Your children are throwing you a party for your 65th birthday. You are sitting back taking a look at your family. Smiling. Your family consists of you:
    Your spouse (whom you married at 17):


    Who did each of these children marry or partner up with and how many kids of their own do they have?
    Happily married mother of six, Matilda, Eloise, Walter and twins Ramona and Bernadette, Arthur and lucky number 7 Stanley.

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    Your children are throwing you a party for your 65th birthday. You are sitting back taking a look at your family. Smiling. Your family consists of you: Stella Michele
    Your spouse (whom you married at 17): Benjamin Wyatt

    Daughter: Ayla Sparrow
    Son: Booker Thomas
    Son: Jonah James
    Daughter: Astrid Michele
    Daughter: Naia Marie
    Son: Kingston Michael
    Daughter: TheodoraTheaJune
    Daughter: Rosie Alexandra
    Son: NathanielNateWyatt
    Daughter: EliaEllieHolland
    Son: Julian Xavier
    Son: Orion “Rion” Flynn
    Son: Dexter Benjamin
    Son: AugustusGusJayce
    Son: FitzgeraldFitzDane
    Daughter: Natalia Evangeline

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    Your children are throwing you a party for your 65th birthday. You are sitting back taking a look at your family. Smiling. Your family consists of you: Maria Francesca
    Your spouse (whom you married at 17): James Donatello

    Daughter: Jamie Marie - Married... Matthew James - Had a daughter Francine Desiree
    Son: Donald Tyler (Donnie) - Single
    Son: Ryan Michael - Married..... Sherri Lorainne - had twin girls Sophia Lorielle and Pheobe Michelle
    Daughter: Talia Marceline - Single
    Daughter: Katrina Helene - Married.....Jared Daniel - had a son Daniel James
    Son: Nicholas Bernard - Married......Marissa Jane - had a son Nico Gerard, daughter Kaylee Josephine and son Marcus Edwin
    Daughter: Francesca Celine - Married Julius Martin had a daughter Selena Danielle and twin sons David Aaron and Lucas Owen
    Daughter: Bernadette Jean - Married .....Samuel Alan - had a son Stefan Bernard
    Son: Christopher Joseph - Married.....Karla Suzanne - had triplet girls... Soleil Rea, Simone Fea and Serena Mea
    Daughter: Giavanna Cherri - Married.... Reuben Thaddeus - had two boys a year apart, Raphael Donovan and Roderick Dashiell
    Son: Jesse Elijah - Married ...... Therese Solome - had a daughter Tessa Marie and a son Thomas James
    Son: Lucian Paul - Single
    Son: Simeon Isaac - Engaged to Aubrielle Thomasina
    Son: Randolf Harrison - Married ......Patrice Victoria - had a daughter Juliette Analiese and a son Ezekiel Francis
    Son: Theodore Alonzo - College student
    Daughter: Anna Maria - High School student

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    Me: Eliza Antoinette Archer.
    Husband: Declan Edward Archer.

    Daughter: Mina Katherine Harlow.
    - Emmett Ronald Harlow.
    ... Étoile Colette Harlow.
    ... Rosalie Marie Harlow.
    ... Augustine Pierre Harlow.

    Son: Julian Harry Archer.
    - Iris Kaitlin Archer.
    ... Elsie Rose Archer.
    ... Ruth Brittany Archer.
    ... Finley Liliana Archer.

    Son: Atticus Michael Archer.
    - Caroline Josephine Archer.
    ... Adele Patricia Archer.
    ... Henry William Archer.
    ... Zinnia Hayden Archer.
    ... Charity Kay Archer.
    ... Marjorie Laura Archer.
    ... Layla Isobel Archer.

    Daughter: Violet Marie Archer-Harley.
    - Caleb Joseph Archer-Harley.
    ... Marigold Bernice Archer-Harley.
    ... Azula Ophelia Archer-Harley.

    Daughter: Amelia Jessica Sheridan.
    - Charles Philip Sheridan.
    ... Riley Jordan Sheridan.
    ... Carina Rose Sheridan.
    ... Addison Nicole Sheridan.

    Son: Colton Gregory Archer.
    - Vi Ursule Archer.
    ... Imogene Viviana Archer.

    Daughter: Claire Penelope Archer-Adair.
    - Cynthia Dolores Archer-Adair.

    Daughter: Beth Rose Archer.
    - Declan Kyle Archer.
    ... Harper Eloise Archer.
    ... Louise Hannah Archer.
    ... Daphne Elisabeth Archer.
    ... Savannah Megan Archer.

    Son: Finn Marius Archer.
    ... Annunziata Maria Archer.

    Daughter: Crystal Imogen Archer.
    - Darrin Hayden Redmond.
    ... Anastasia Mari Archer-Redmond.

    Son: Niall Alexandre Archer.
    - Pamela Josephine Archer.
    ... Ashlyn Jaime Archer.
    ... Catherine Joelle Archer.
    ... Eleanor Jessica Archer.
    ... Esme Jordin Archer.
    ... Vivian Joyce Archer.

    Son: Leopold Victor Archer.
    - Linda Catharina Archer.
    ... Daniel Max Archer.
    ... Eliana Jade Archer.
    ... Lydia Rosette Archer.

    Son: Magnus Brian Archer.
    - Lottie Danielle Archer.
    ... Chester Nathaniel Archer.

    Son: Rowan Shane Archer.
    - Meg Beatrice Archer.

    Son: Theodore Jaime Archer.
    - Ignatius Edmond Fitzpatrick.
    ... Sophie Antonia Archer-Fitzpatrick.

    Daughter: Beretta Rosa Archer.
    ... Bianca Therese Archer.

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    Your children are throwing you a party for your 65th birthday. You are sitting back taking a look at your family. Smiling. Your family consists of:
    You: Angela Grace Harvey
    Your spouse (whom you married at 17): Samuel Caleb Harvey (68)

    Daughter: Prudence Louise Jonas (47)
    DH: Frank Joseph Jonas (51)
    DD: Meredith Arielle Jonas (24)
    DS: Jacob Harvey Jonas (18)
    DD: Samantha Ann Jonas (12)

    Son: James Vincent Harvey (43)
    DW: Jennifer Cathleen Harvey (43)
    DS: Jack Robert Harvey (11)
    DS: John Pierce Harvey (10)
    DD: Jane Lucille Harvey (4)- t
    DD: Jade Louise Harvey (4)- t

    Son: Nathaniel John Harvey (41)
    DW: Isobel Evelyn Harvey (42)
    DD: Zara Seraphine Harvey (14)
    DD: Vivienne Grace Harvey (10)
    DD: Arabella Mathilde Harvey (6)
    DD: Emmanuelle Ida Harvey (2)

    Daughter: Florence Emily Montenegro (38)
    DH: Felix Scott Montenegro (40)
    DD: Fable Charlotte Montenegro (4)
    DS: Frederick Jude Montenegro (2)
    DS: Flynn Vincent Montenegro (1)

    Daughter: Rosalie Barbara Gelbert (35)
    DH: Leonard Daniel Gilbert (51)
    DS: Peter George Gilbert (8)
    DS: Henry MichaelGilbert (3)
    DD: Virginia CecilyGilbert (1)

    Son: Michael Kevin Harvey (34)
    DW: Emma Jane Harvey (31)
    DD: Olive Natalie Harvey (3)
    DD: Ivy Josephine Harvey (nb)

    Daughter: Caroline Matilda Quinn (33)
    DH: Cristopher Taylor Quinn (29)
    DD: Constance Katherine Quinn (2)
    DS: Cruz Kristopher Quinn (2)

    Daughter: Eliza Valencia Morgan (32)
    DH: Yves Etienne Morgan (34)
    DS: Trumnan Manuel Morgan (9)
    DS: Gabriel Gerard Morgan (4)

    Son: Richard Douglas Harvey (31)
    GF: Katherine Hope Rogers (22)
    DD: Harper Alexandra Harvey (1)

    Daughter: Temperance Violet Oliver (29)
    DH: Leo Bartholomew Oliver (36)
    DD: Demetria Blair Oliver (7)
    DS: Anderson Elijah Oliver (6)

    Son: Lawrence William Harvey (29)
    DW: Ellen Judith Harvey (27)
    DD: Spencer Meredith Harvey (2)

    Son: George Calvin Harvey (27)
    GF: Ursula Jillian Washington (27)
    DD: Ray Clementine Harvey (1)

    Son: Thomas Samuel Harvey (25)
    GF: Christine Olivia Stanford (25)
    DD: Harlow Melody Harvey (2)

    Son: Charles Joseph Harvey (23)
    DW: Emily-Marie Wooldridge (20)

    Son: Paul Cristopher Harvey (22)
    GF: Amanda Amy Jefferson (24)

    Daughter: Katherine Mary Brandon (22)
    DH: Mark Noah Brandon (25)
    DD: Minnie Angela Brandon (4)
    DS: Ian Gabriel Brandon (2)
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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