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    September Birth Announcements - Melbourne, Australia

    This weeks birth announcements.

    Chloe Lea
    Chloe Christa (Gizelle)
    Tilly Sophia (Kiani and Grace)
    Emma Louise (Nathan)
    Mia Bella (Ava)
    Eliza Jean (Jenson)
    Summer Donna
    Anna Isabelle (Sophie)
    Olivia Jane (Alyssa)
    Sophie Olive
    Holly Alexandra (Mason)
    Annalise Evelyn Ivy-May (Savanna, Olivia, Vanessa and Christopher)
    Ellyse Ana (Sienna)
    Sophie Grace (Bianca, Xavier [dec.] and Lucy)
    Evie Joan (Tylar)
    Sawyer Jewell (Emerson)
    Lexi Kate (Cooper)
    Charlotte Lucy (Ella and Oliver)
    Lucy Jane (Henry)
    Alexandra Mary
    Ruby Hope
    Lola May
    Madeleine Susanna (Alexandra and Isabelle)
    Alora Dae
    Georgia Rose
    Abbey Mia (Holly)
    Sophie Mae (Wil and Aiden)
    Madeline Elizabeth (William)
    Blair Margaret Rose (Kirra and Sunny)
    Charlotte Jane (Gus and Tom)
    Edith Patricia Milne
    Wallis Gertrude Anne
    Grace Fletcher
    Yasmine Annabelle
    Pailin Gemma
    Isobel Rose (Charlie)
    Vivienne Ann (Freddie and Elsa)
    Willow Grace (Charlie and Jemima)
    Bethany Adeline
    Mikayla Elise
    Audrey Margaret (Ruby and Chloe)
    Tigerlily Michelle (Lily-Belle, Diesel, Arabella and Harley)
    Nellie (Suni)
    Charlotte Ivy
    Maddy Rose (Tara)
    Adelie Jayne (Charlotte)
    Harleigh Joan
    Kiara Carol
    Chiana Aura
    Ellie Joan (Olive and Ivor)
    Jessica Laura (Ryan)
    Mathilda Rose (Henry and Sebastian)
    Shelley (David)
    Sophie Arabella (Indiana and Zahria)

    Noah (Rahni and Jasmine)
    Archer William (Sienna)
    Mack Albert Kimbell (George)
    Charlie Robert
    Harrison Matti Lee (Jake)
    Harvey George (Mia)
    Flynn Francis (Alfie)
    Ralph Harrison
    Jordan William (Casey)
    Leopold Stefan
    Ryder Ronald Ian
    Owen Robert
    Trey Edward
    Xavier James (Izabella)
    Rafferty William Alexander (Emilia)
    Jack (Harvey)
    Blake Lachlan (Dylan)
    Matthew Leslie (Mia Grace)
    Fletcher Nicholas
    Isaac Lee (Daniel and Mikayla)
    Oliver Liam (Zachary)
    Dante Alexander (Jessica and Natasha)
    Tom David
    Harry Robert (Brandon, Emma, Jared, Haydon and Sophie)
    William Frederick
    Logan David
    Jenson Frank (Sarah, Ashleigh, Jessica and Jackson)
    Benjamin Wilton (Declan)
    Harry James
    Zac Lee
    Ronan Nathan
    Angus Jack
    Daniel James (Michael and Luke)
    Lachlan Donnell (Thomas)
    Rufus George Sinclair (Alexander)
    William James
    Benjamin Laurence Henty
    Lenny Robin (Kobe and Ashton)
    Noah Charles (Tyson)
    Felix Edward
    Kade Bradley
    Connor John (Odin)
    Ajay Patrick (Nevaya and Frankie)
    Hugh Andrew (Georgie and Lola)
    Mason Anthony (Max and Darcy)
    Hamish John
    Leo Thomas (Eleanor)
    Harrison Kevin
    Aidan Michael (Lucas and Caleb)
    Oliver Thomas
    Mark Alexander (Daniel)
    Frederick William

    Patrick and Liam (Amelia)
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