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Thread: Mad Scribblers

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    I don't know if I qualify, exactly--I love writing but never seem to have time for it.

    At the moment I'm taking Screenwriting so I'm forced to crank out a short scene every week. I've actually been really frustrated with it lately because the professor just never seems to like anything I write--even when I like what I write.

    I'm on the fence about doing NaNoWriMo this year. I'm not sure I'll have time, and I've never been great about following through. But I've got about 4 stories in various stages of development that have been rattling around my head for years, so I feel like I should write down at least one of them. One is a complicated fantasy epic with a zillion characters and huge scope, one is a zombie apocalypse ensemble piece, and one is sort of The-Little-Mermaid-meets-Anastasia-ish.
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    I am currently working on four novels, although one may be a series, and I'm stuck. It's been years with two of them, and two are new concepts. I also have a bunch of throwaway work that no one can ever read, ever. It's just not good enough. I write very differently depending on the type of work - I try to be conversational and end up rambling on forums, essays are pretty clearly essays, but when I write for me, while the words don't like to come, it all makes sense. I can't describe it, it's the most frustrating and simple thing. And then I go back to edit neurotically, and then it becomes a kind of bouncy. I actually like my style. I have trouble describing the stories to people, but I do hope to publish them (even self publish, I just want them to be read) someday.

    I hadn't heard of NaNoWriMo, that may be the push I need to get going again. It has been so frustrating.
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    I'm kind of a writer in limbo. I written a lot of stories in the past (mostly Fan Fiction) and currently have two ideas for novels in mind. One I've been developing for about 5 years but for some reason I can't bring myself to put them down on paper. Every time I try I can just never find the perfect words and I get frustrated. Nothing is ever good enough for me. I feel like I need a pair of fresh eyes but I don't like when people I know read my writing because I feel like their looking into my soul, if that makes sense at all. You can tell too much about a person by what they write and I'm afraid they'll look at me differently after they read my writing.
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    I'm going to read through everything in a bit. I just spent an hour responding to another thread and my eyes are crossing. I have some Nano advice if anyone is interested. I've been doing it for 8 years, so I have it down. I have about 15 finished novels, several of which started in November. I'm starting to get serious about writing, and will be starting the nightmare of query letters and rejections next summer. Feel free to friend me through nano, if any of you have an account. I'm redwoodfey there as well.
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    I'm very nervous and even a little embarrassed to ask this, but does anyone else hate themselves when they write? I love it, and I do it, and I will always do it, but after I'm done, after the excitement and edit and peace, I hate it. I hate what I've written and myself and everything about both. I haven't written in a long time because I'm afraid to be in that place again. It was never a big deal before, but this little guy needs his mommy to be happy. I volunteered to do a small, simple thing weeks ago and haven't been able to get beyond the research. Does this happen to anyone else? How do you handle it?
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