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    Favorite Mom Forum

    Aside of Nameberry? Everyone's great here & so responsive! Feels like family almost. . Just curious do you have another mom like forum you like as much?

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    I used to hang around Scary Mommy, actually I left the community just after I got pregnant. They were great over there, and I still follow the blog, but there was a member boom and it was getting annoying. I wonder what's happening around the boards nowadays. Also, Mommit and some of the other parenting subreddits are awesome and very supportive.
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    I've never heard of them Thank you for the suggestions!

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    I'm a member of another parenting forum, and have been for 4-5 years. To be frank, the only reason I sought out a forum like nameberry was because any time I asked for name suggestions on the other forum, I'd get endless suggestions of Makayla, Maddysin, Nevaeh et. al.

    I'm a pretty active member though my online privacy is very important to me. For that reason, I don't refer to the girls by name on the other forum, but I do post a lot of pictures. Similarly, there are no pictures of the girls here but I have mentioned their names. I'm conscious of the fact that they may not want to dig up threads about potty training and diaper rash with their full names in them in 10-20 years time so I try to respect that by keeping them somewhat anonymous when talking about them online.

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