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Thread: Miller Barbara

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    I always feel that names that have personal depth and meaning are the very best.
    Miller/milly or a girl is beautiful. Best of luck!

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    Well , iam maybe on the minority here but I love Miller on a girl . It's uncommon without be too strange on people ears . The nn Millie is wonderful and the fact that you honor someone is great . To be honest iam not a big fan of Barbara because its sounds dated but Miller Barbara is really pretty .I also think Miller Babette { french varation of Barbara } would pretty .
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    My first thought is Miller Light beer. Miller isn't modern and paired with Barbara it sounds even more dated. To me, Mills is a modern choice.
    Have you considered Romilly or Romilla?

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    My cousin is called Milla... why noy spell it this way to make it more feminine? Meaningful names are the best
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    I too feel as though Miller is better suited for a boy, but my hear breaks for you over the sentimentality of it. I like many of the other suggestions (Mila, Milla, and Millie). Please don't use Millicent though; it's too close to Malificent, which was the evil queen-turned-dragon from Sleeping Beauty! Are there any other names close your husband's grandmother that you could use? I know someone else suggested HER middle name or last name?

    I love Barbara as a mn though; what a beautiful tribute!

    **One important thing to remember; these are all just suggestions and opinions from other Berries; the choice is ultimately yours and your husband's- best of luck to you both!

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