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    Help with baby girl names!!

    Hello we are having a difficult time deciding on what baby name we like best please give me your opinon;-).. Here's are list...
    1. Aliviana- Ah-livi-ah-na
    2. Gabriella
    3. Alexandra
    4. Gracelyn( I feel this is a little overused now)

    Thank you

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    Aliviana is quite unique but lovely IMO! Some great nn choices too if you'd like it's probably my favorite. I like Alexandra too, quite classic and I don't see it used that much (where I am) plus I love the nn Alex for a girl

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    I think Aliviana is cute. Maybe spell it Oliviana? I also like Alexandra because of the nickname options it gives. Allie, Alex, Lexi, Xandra, Xandy, etc. I think Gracelyn is cute but have trouble picturing it on an adult for some reason. Not a huge fan of Gabriella. I don't like the nn Gabby and it's way too popular for my tastes.
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    What about Olivine?

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    Aliviana is lovely written down but a bit of a mouthful to say IMO especially for a little girl to say. What do you think of Alivia or Viana? Thumbs up for Gabriella, Alexandra and Gracelyn
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