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    I've never seen Liana in use, so I have no associations with which to date it. If I met a girl with this name, it would stick out as being unusual and lovely.

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    Thank you for your thoughts everyone! I think I'll add her to my list- now to find the perfect middle
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    It sound feminine with a strong tomboyish feel to me. If that's your style, then it could be a really fun and spunky nature name. I imagine a very adventurous little girl.
    But I should tell you, my first thought was of Tarzan using the jungle lianas to jump from one place to another. I think you might have this problem with most spanish/portuguese/maybe italian speakers.
    Also, I love Leah. I think it could stand alone, but I understand where you come from. My mother is called Marilia (mah-ree-lee-ah) and is sometimes nicknamed Leah.
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    Not at all its not my style but I don't find it dated

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