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    @dantea @otillie- thank you, I can't wait to finally have it all saved up for. And it doesn't surprise me otillie that you would be into nymphs, I guess because of your avatar, and name choices.

    Dantea does DM stand for dungeon master? The adventure sounds awesome, I'd so come join if I lived close. As I have never played I don't have any ideas. I've always secretly wanted to play, but I never knew other people that wanted to. Sorry if I'm way off and you're not actually talking about D&d.
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    No I'm talking about DnD. It is Dungeon Master. DnD is really fun if you have the right group. Some groups are more about the monster killing and no real story, but my group is much more into the actual story. We like to do back stories and actual making up a story as we go. Like writing with a group of people. It's so fun. ^_^
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    I've always wanted to try D&D but never quite had the opportunity/time, I guess. My Guy Harem back home recently got into it though, so maybe it'll happen over Thanksgiving break this year. Fingers crossed.

    That sounds fascinating, Angel! I'm curious about what the catch is now.
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    I recognise milas mumma.. im sure we were once friends on facebook or still are but i have no idea (need a clear-out) but i most defo remember mila arden.. Nice to see im not the only one on here..
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    omg. OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm having a total nerdgasm, you guys!! My husband just found these AMAZING LOTR tarot cards!!! Apparently she's only done 14 so far, but they're so exquisite that I can't help gushing! Hopefully she makes the entire deck, not just the Major Arcana. I am seriously coveting right now!
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