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    I'm not found of using short names back to back. Mary and Vera are both nice names, but sound odd together

    What about using longer forms like Marianne or Veronica?
    Veronica Mary or Vera Marianne would be lovely.

    What about Mara or Mira?
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    How about Vera May or Vera Mae? (May is a traditional nickname for Mary, and dropping the R might help you reduce the sing songyness)

    Also, when you pronounce Vera, does the Ver rhyme with Deer or with Mare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliawilliams View Post
    I think straightforward Mary-Vera is the best option, personally. I know some people prefer smoosh names without the hyphen, buy personally i think they look better with.

    My votes thus far for her name, in order of preference are:

    1. Vera Elizabeth (with Vera as standalone first and Elizabeth as the middle)
    2. Vera-Elizabeth
    3. Mary-Vera
    Definitely agree.

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    I keep saying Mary Very instead of Mary Vera...
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    I was saying Mary Very too.

    I actually sort of like Mavera. I think smoosh names can be fine when they're handled right. Mavera is nice.

    Or you could do first and middle with a long version of Mary. Marianne Vera, Marian Vera etc. OR the other way around -- Vera Marian, Vera Marianne etc.

    Or you could use a name that means 'faith' like Vera.

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