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Thread: Mixedberries

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    @Britberries- I read the Telegraph and Guardian a lot (yes, both, gasp!), and Googled the pieces I couldn't put together on my own, so I understand how the British education system works. But it's definitely complicated, especially when trying to explain it to someone else!

    @laugh-dream-love, violetink- Thanks for sharing your stories. I'm sure you'll both be great mothers. What I wonder the most about is how people have the finances to do so at such a young age. Unless you have an older partner, I guess. Most people I know didn't finish university and start working full time until 21 at least, and are in entry-level jobs which don't pay enough to allow them to support a family, until their mid-twenties at earliest.
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    @bonfireazalea Thank you I've been saving for years, and while I'm unemployed at the moment, I do want to find a job and save a bit more before I actually have a baby. I've also applied for a few apprenticeships recently, so if I get one of those then babies will be put on hold until I finish it, because that will give me the qualifications I need to get a better job when I decide to work again after having a baby. My partner is 33, he has a full time job and earns enough money, so I'm not really worried about that.
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    Okay, I missed *a lot* in my little hiatus. You've been discussing such interesting topics while I was away!

    By the way, if you want complicated, I guess Italy's education system is quite simple, but a lot ineffective, compared to others. Basically, all our excellent graduates leave for other countries to find a job, and I'm thinking doing that myself as soon as I graduate, most likely. On the flip side though, my finals for this semester are in January/February, so I can enjoy a holiday break up to New Year's, then dive into books. We have very long breaks in between classes at university, and it's both great and horrible.

    I really respect people who homeschool, though I don't think I would do it for my kids. My mother is a teacher, so I could easily ask her for pointers, but I personally enjoyed going to school, despite the hardships and the sometimes crappy grades. I think it would be harder to confront yourself with other people when you study alone, though not having other terms of comparison could help you focus more on your weaker points and skip on other boring stuff. Still, everything has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    Congratulations to those of you who are TTC, I hope you'll get a baby soon. I have always envisioned myself settled down and trying for a baby by the time I'll be 25, but since I'm already 21 partner no partner whatsoever, I guess I have to rethink that. Still, I keep swooning over cute babies on the bus.

    Hm, Norway. I would *love* to go there. It's like in my top 10 places to visit. I need to find someone as enthusiastic as me to go there though, Mediterraneans want sun and beaches in the summer

    I hope I didn't miss any topic, I've read like 5 pages of conversation and things got a little mixed up. Also, sorry for not using names, but I can't remember who said what Forgive me!
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    @cilesuns92. I think it's so fun people really want to come to Norway! Those do us who lives here find it so boring. And especially now in the winter- it's super grey and just bleh.

    Of course we have the amazing nature, but you have to travel far from people to get there, so it's not something you see everyday. When I meet tourists in Oslo, I'm like "WHAT are you doing here? Is THIS what you came to Norway to see?". Haha. Is it like that with your counties also, mixedberries? Like the familiar is boring?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pernillemarie View Post
    Haha. Is it like that with your counties also, mixedberries? Like the familiar is boring?
    Yes. Years ago now, when we were doing a Geography survey at school, my classmates met some Australian tourists in Southport. I just couldn't believe it when they reported back. Why would someone want to leave Australia to come and visit somewhere as dull as Southport?? Lol.

    EDIT:: Unless of course they were really into lawnmowers... We're quite famous for our Lawnmower Museum

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