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Thread: Mixedberries

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    Hi! I'm Xanthe, and I'm in college. I plan on pursuing grad school, so a family is not in my immediate future, but I always love to learn new names! My "fashion" is obscure mythological names (lolz) and other really old dusty gems from any language. I also love a few classics as well. Names help me imagine different personas, people that live in different worlds or different "moods". I sometimes name myself different things for situations, or as representations of the state of being I currently inhabit. Nice to meet you all!

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    Hi, my name is Tara. I'm 21 but I feel like I'm 19, I've recently moved from the UK to Australia in the past year, and have found myself on nameberry most days and discovering new names that I adore. I currently looking for work in Admin/Retail as I have been out of work since arriving in 2012 but only recently been getting call backs and interviews for jobs as my spouse visa was approved.

    I like both suggestions of intweenberries and berrysomethings.

    I think my naming style comes from books mostly and volunteering for a children's charity I tend to come along so interesting names in the database. I even find new names from the boardgame hobby my and the bf have, names such as Edmund, Alaric and Leoric have come up as just a few playable characters in some games. My naming style tends to be somewhere between classic and quirky

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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    I'm not a theatre person at all; cult TV shows are my thing...I'm more into sci-fi/fantasy/horror shows.
    Ooh which ones? Huge fan of Buffy and Supernatural, myself.
    Zion Nathaniel ~ Solomon Fable ~ Balthazar Wolf ~ Malachi Sparrow nn Kai ~ Tobias Rowan ~ Caspian _____
    Alice Willow ~ Ophelia Wren ~ Juliet Snow ~ Lucia Pearl ~ Eve Wisteria nn Evie ~ Cosima Rose ~ River Seraphine ~ Elowen Briar

    Narnia Rose, Astoria nn Story, Illyria, Serafina, Soraya, Faerydae
    Orion Melchior North, Tobias Loki, Edmund, Frost, Oberon, Kenshin, Remiel, Atreyu

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    May I chime in?

    I am 23, living in France, but trying to escape my boring life as soon as possible. I'm finishing my Master's Degree in Languages & Tourism, and I just can't wait to start working (hopefully, very very (very) soon ... if I find a job...). I like eating (chocolate, milk & salmon. honestly, i could live on that!) and sleeping (I would be a perfect Panda...), travelling (going through the security check at the airport is my favorite thing!), royal families (anyone else in here?) and I bitterly regret not having a middle name... I guess I am a really berry!
    No boyfriend, no kids, no younger sister (but a older one, with middle names!) but the cutest teddy bear on earth, does it count???

    I had an other username before but I can't remember the password, but I like this new one much better.
    Josephine - Philippa - Elinor - Sanneke - Carlijn - Robyn - Cate - Amelia - Spencer - Félicité
    Floris-Jan - Björn - Maurits - Auxence - Winston - Roman - Monroe - Garnet

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysessha View Post
    Ooh which ones? Huge fan of Buffy and Supernatural, myself.
    I love Buffy and Supernatural too. I haven't followed the comics for Buffy though, and I'm really, really hesitant about watching S9 of Supernatural. After reading spoilers (which you're not supposed to put any stock in, I know) and some of the things the writers have supposedly said, I'm ready to pretend the show ended with a massive cliffhanger like Angel.

    I also watch/have watched Doctor Who, Torchwood, American Horror Story, Orphan Black, and Sherlock. (I don't know if all of those are considered cult shows. They all have cult followings, at least on tumblr, so I run with it.) I got into Star Trek because of the reboot movies, but I've yet to take the plunge into the original series. I keep meaning to watch Merlin and Firefly too.

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