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    Red face I'm new! Introduction

    I've been a very long time "lurker", but never participated in the threads. Mainly because I can get busy and be a flake. I'm working on my name list right now, and will be posting for much wanted opinions when it's complete.

    I love the community here so I thought I'd introduce myself a little.

    (For privacy reasons) You can call me Foxglove, I'm in my early 20s and my fiancé Neb is in his early 30s. We are not pregnant nor trying to get pregnant. I just love names! Neb takes an interest too, and we have similar taste (lucky me )
    We live in Florida currently but we are both ready to get out of here.
    I am into paganism and Buddhism and Neb is into Buddhism. Therefor some of our names reflect that (mythology and nature)

    Neb is a musician and works from home and I wait tables for now and will be going back to school in about 6 months if all goes according to plan (will be moving out of state). I also am a writer and use nameberry for characters.

    We have a cat/son named Cosmo.

    Sorry if that was sloppy or difficult to read, I'm typing from my phone...also I just stink at trying to introduce myself.

    Thanks for reading

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    Hi, welcome

    Cosmo is a great name haha!
    close to my heart ★ Billie Cordelia - Jemima Eilidh - May Margaret - Estella Agnes - Jessamine Martha
    Emmett Jack - Alec Huw - Wilfred Nicholas - Rufus Kielder - Harrison Tadhg - Robert Fox - Wes Oberon

    unusable-beautiful; Virginia Eseld & Dolores Eithne . ''She was Lo, plain Lo, in the morning, standing four feet ten in one sock. She was Lola in slacks. She was Dolly at school. She was Dolores on the dotted line'. 'olivia; ''somewhat of an enigma'' (

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    Thanks! Cosima is on my girls list. But I don't think I can actually use it since its too close to the furbaby's name. Hmm.

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    Hi foxglove I'm new 2 also a long time lurker and a teenberry

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    Hi there! I'm Hypatia. Welcome to nameberry.

    Cosmo is a great name for a cat. I had a guinea pig named Cosmo when I was younger.

    Hope to see you around!
    Elias lost July 2012 | not currently expecting

    : Alba Lilac, Willa Sunny, Esme Azalea, Thea Birdie
    : Asa Boone, Rowan Bear
    formerly @thejollyfinch

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