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Thread: Mixedberries

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    @Irene, oh Florence, it's THE city I really want to visit in Europe. From the pictures, it looks gorgeous! and I have roots in Bologna, my paternal grand parents were both born there.

    @Charlie, I have started a huge tree of Queen Victoria's and King Christian descendants. Huge work! I too can't wait for the 4 generations christening pictures! and Frederik and Mary, besides having a gorgeous brood, have the best taste in baby naming! I am really looking forward to hearing Zara's baby's name! She is my favorite British princess (even if she is not titled).
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    @knutsen could you send me a copy of that tree when you're done if it's in digital form?! I love Zara too, especially since she's an equestrian- she actually won the World Championships in 2006 and European Championships in 2007, and went to the Olympics... If I had to pick a favourite British princess it'd be between her and her mother Princess Anne (who also rides). I love how down-to-earth they are, yet determined and ambitious too. Unless you count the Duchess of Cambridge as a princess... Ahhh I love almost all the royals
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    @Lauren, I'm getting the news on One, Two, Three, Four (and Five, Six, Seven -Five, Six and Seven are in French, though)

    I forgot to mention my name. I'm Laure. A lovely but internationally unknown version of Laura/Lauren. I'm answering to both Laure and knutsen.
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    Any Vampire Diaries fans in here? I'm stoked for the new season. I'm not sure if I'm going to watch The Originals yet, but I might because I love Elijah.
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    @Laure: What a pretty name you have! Good luck with your family trees. I attempted Victoria's once and gave up; they didn't call her the Grandmother of Europe for nothing! And F&M's kids' names are so gorgeous- I'll admit the main reason I like the name Christian is because of the little Prince I'm looking forward to hearing Zara's baby's name too because she'll have much more freedom than the more prominent royals. Ahh she seems like such a lovely, down-to-earth person. Definitely one of my fave British royals, along with Sophie Wessex and Kate

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