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Thread: Mixedberries

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    Aha, thanks for making this topic! I'm currently at uni (Bachelor of Arts in International Studies + Major in Chinese) and soon to be 20 in December.
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    @Lauren I'm a huge fan of the Dutch and Scandinavian royals families but I'm following the others closely too. I am so glad to find other people who like royal families too. My real life friends find my interest weird... I just moved to the Northern part of France (Lille?) but I was raised in the Eastern part, and I am not really happy about my living here. I've started to love Paris lately. Been there a couple of times and love its museums and hidden places! What was your favorite place?

    @Zelia I'd like to see your blogs too.
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    I definitely fit in here! :-)

    My name is Susannah, i'm 23. I'm studying politics/history at university in Melbourne, Australia. Am hoping to graduate at the end of this year.

    Love nameberry, have discovered some new names that I previously wouldn't have liked.


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    Ah just read there's some supernatural fans here! Same! I'm nervous for season 9 too, I really hope they don't butcher it even more D:

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    Definitely a thread for me

    My name is Isabella, I'm 22, I just started to study "Strategic HR Management in Europe" in Vienna (Austria), before I did my bachelors degree in "European Economy and Business Management". I have always loved names (even when I was just a little girl) and I'm glad that I finally found a forum full with people that love the same thing

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