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Thread: Mixedberries

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    Jul 2012
    I'm not a theatre person at all; cult TV shows are my thing. I do love books, although lately most of my reading material has been fanfiction and textbooks. My sister is two and a half years younger than me. It seems like a lot of us are going into or are currently in some type of healthcare or science field as well.

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    Hey, everyone.

    I'm Amelia, 25, currently unemployed and job-hunting. I live in the west US, I have a BS in Psychology, and am in the process of applying to a Masters/PhD program in the family counseling realm. I also have a little sister...she recently got married; it's weird being the only single member of my family, but not bad. I've got two spunky, delightful, and beautifully-named nieces (and one more on the way) who live about ten minutes away from me, so I get to spend a lot of time with them. I take unpaid nanny jobs for family and friends while I'm unemployed, my next begins next week, about 24-30 hours a week until Decemberish. I like reading, cooking, folksy/indie music, floral patterned clothing, crafting, Indian food, geekery, and British quiz shows, especially if they involve Stephen Fry or David Mitchell.

    My plans for this weekend involve studying and baking and spending some time with family.

    I think Mixed Berries is a pretty great name, but Inbetweenberries is also very clever

    I'm not a theatre person at all; cult TV shows are my thing
    Do you happen to like Community? The only other Community fans I've ever seen are on tumblr - everyone else seems to think it's too weird!
    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameliawilliams View Post
    Do you happen to like Community? The only other Community fans I've ever seen are on tumblr - everyone else seems to think it's too weird!
    I've never watched it. I see it occasionally on my dash though. Is it a sitcom? I'm more into sci-fi/fantasy/horror shows.

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    Victoria, Australia
    I'm also not a theatre person. Although I love the theatre and I love going to see shows, I don't have the guts (or the talent) to be involved in a show myself. However I was in one or two of my high school productions when I first begun high school.
    I used to write a lot, but now I feel as though I've had writer's block forever! I'm a big bookworm however and I like a lot of cult TV shows also.

    I have a younger sister that's 6 years younger than I am, and I'm spun out by some of the things she comes out with, I'm sure I wasn't that mature (or, at times, that immature) when I was 11!

    It's interesting how college and university are interchangeable in the US. College isn't a term that's used in every university here, at least not the ones in Victoria. Here, a college is what we may call a university-owned/on-campus residence.
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    Hi! I'm Xanthe, and I'm in college. I plan on pursuing grad school, so a family is not in my immediate future, but I always love to learn new names! My "fashion" is obscure mythological names (lolz) and other really old dusty gems from any language. I also love a few classics as well. Names help me imagine different personas, people that live in different worlds or different "moods". I sometimes name myself different things for situations, or as representations of the state of being I currently inhabit. Nice to meet you all!

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